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SASZONE M2 QR Code Technology Debuts in Vegas


LAS VEGAS—Now, restaurants, bar and other business owners can help keep employees and customers safe and healthy in a fun way using the latest technology from SASZONE, a new division of Plush Creative Agency, http://www.plushcalv.com/sas-zone. With demands to meet updated health guidelines, the team at Plush created MENU SQUARED using the latest QR code technology.

MENU SQUARED, or M2 QR Code Technology, removes the need for disposable menus, provides a simple solution for customers and offers new marketing opportunities to operators and suppliers.

“MENU SQUARED is a unique QR code system that is user-friendly, secure, easy for outlets and consumers to implement fast, and works across almost all mobile devices,” states Shane Caniglia SASZONE Co-Founder and CEO. “You set up an account in a matter of minutes, load your menu, and the QR code does the rest.”

Menu Changes Made Easy

Bar, restaurant and other business owners can now change menus daily within minutes, save thousands of dollars on printing costs and run different advertising features quickly and cost-effectively. Customers simply scan the QR code with their phone and have instant access to menus, daily specials, events, and messages from various sponsors.

MENU SQUARED is customized for each venue and available on table clings and cards, entrance signs, coasters, and more.

“We are currently working with various casinos, bars and restaurants to create customized menus, coasters and other unique items using the MENU SQUARED technology,” states John Arishita, SASZONE Co-Founder. “Our initial tests have been a huge success.”

SASZONE’s new line of products can help business owners in all industries:

  • Exceed industry health guidelines quickly and cost-effectively;
  • Provide a safe and entertaining experience for customers they’ll want to share with friends;
  • Offer advertisers unique opportunities with guaranteed views; and
  • Save time, money and hassle right away.

Learn about SASZONE’s products with various advertising capabilities, QR Code Placement and more at http://www.plushcalv.com/sas-zone.