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Rubbermaid Adds New DVAC 1 Pass Cleaning Solution


WINCHESTER, VA.—Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP), a leader in innovative facility maintenance solutions, announces a new concept in cleaning. The DVAC 1 Pass Cleaning Solution combines multiple cleaning tasks into one to reduce non-productive labor time. The award-winning DVAC 1 Pass Cleaning Solution is a dolly-integrated vacuum that allows cleaning professionals to collect waste and recycling, dust, and vacuum in a single pass, optimizing both productivity and cleaning quality.

“Direct labor is responsible for more than 60 percent of the overall costs of contract cleaners, so products that increase worker productivity have a tremendous impact on their bottom line,” said Andre Motta, global business team leader—cleaning equipment at Rubbermaid Commercial Products. “The DVAC 1 Pass Cleaning Solution saves up to 66 percent of non-productive travel time. By incorporating vacuuming, cleaning, and waste collection into one pass, DVAC turns several trips to a supply closet—and multiple passes through a cleaning area—into an efficient single-pass process. DVAC significantly enhances both zone and team cleaning productivity, eliminating multiple tedious steps that encourage short cuts and affect overall cleaning performance. And at 65 dba, the DVAC 1 Pass Cleaning Solution supports day cleaning in any noise-sensitive environment.”

Rubbermaid’s DVAC 1 Pass Cleaning Solution is designed with timesaving features to make cleaning more efficient, including a deluxe rim caddy with storage areas and tool grips to hold supplies for on-the-go cleaning. DVAC is easy to maneuver, with an ergonomically designed arched handle that keeps the user’s wrist and forearm aligned for optimum leverage and more comfortable use. DVAC is also easy to maintain and service. A full-bag indicator tells the user that it’s time to change the filter bag or check for clogs. Both three-layer high performance and HEPA filter bags are available for improved air quality and greener cleaning. DVAC 1 Pass Cleaning Solution–Power Nozzle Model has been awarded the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval, passing independent lab tests for effective cleaning.

DVAC’s dedicated powered agitator nozzle maximizes cleaning efficiency on a variety of carpet types and heights. DVAC is also available with a straight suction nozzle that includes a floor switch to move between low pile carpet and hard floor surfaces. The 1.6 hp commercial grade dolly-integrated vacuum easily twist locks onto a Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE 44-Gallon Utility Container. With the BRUTE container in place, DVAC holds up to 175 pounds of waste in easy-to-install can liners for two-stream waste and recycling collection.

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