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Restaurant Technologies Breaks Own Sustainability Record


MENDOTA HEIGHTS, MINN.—Restaurant Technologies (RT) released its sustainability numbers from 2022, helping over 36,000 customers nationwide reach their ESG goals and create a cleaner, more livable planet.

In 2022, RT recycled nearly 290 million pounds of used cooking oil, which eliminated 16 million plastic oil jugs, saved 7.4 million cubic feet of landfill space, and reduced about 67 million pounds of GHG CO2e emissions.

In partnership with renewable energy organizations such as Chevron Renewable Energy Group, RT converts 100 percent of used cooking oil from its customers into renewable diesel or biodiesel. They exceeded the amount of waste oil recycled in 2021 by almost 20 million pounds, breaking their own record set that same year.

“We are proud of all our ESG accomplishments, and grateful to all of our partners and customers who support us on our journey to build a more sustainable world,” said Diana Geseking, RT’s General Counsel who also leads all ESG efforts for RT. “We look forward to expanding our efforts by growing our customer base, increasing circular fuel economy efforts, and achieving more in the coming years.”

A Completely Circular Economy

In 2022, RT launched a pilot program at its Iowa depot using renewable diesel and biodiesel in its commercial vehicles creating a completely circular economy. RT’s commercial vehicles now deliver fresh cooking oil to customers, pick up the used cooking oil, and then use the converted fuel to deliver more fresh cooking oil. Iowa State University also uses converted cooking oil in its vehicles including the campus buses. RT hopes to expand these programs to other sites.

RT boasts a diverse portfolio of customers in the restaurant, hotels/resorts, grocery stores, colleges, casinos, golf clubs, and other foodservice related businesses, and has helped all of them become a more sustainable business.

To learn more about Restaurant Technologies, its ESG report, and how it supports customers in their pursuit of a more sustainable business, visit rti-inc.com/sustainability.