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Reliant Expands Personalized Power for Texans in 2021


HOUSTON—Texans’ daily schedules and electricity needs changed following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and customers now rely on their electricity providers more than ever and need even greater flexibility and personalization. That is why in 2021, Reliant is once again empowering customers to “Pick Your Free.” In addition to offering the popular Reliant Truly Free Weekends and Truly Free Nights, the company is introducing its newest plan that provides flexibility every week for schedules that are ever-changing with “Reliant Truly Free Flex Days.”

“We put customers at the center of all that we do and are committed to meeting their diverse lifestyle-driven power needs,” said Elizabeth Killinger, President of Reliant. “We deliver meaningful innovations, easy-to-use account management tools and affordable products designed with our customers in mind.”

New in 2021, Reliant is offering Make It Solar as an automatic upgrade to the three plans  part of the Pick Your Free campaign, at no additional cost. This innovative offer matches 100 percent of the customer’s electricity usage with Texas and national solar renewable energy certificates (RECs) every month. The complimentary solar add-on fits perfectly with increasing consumer interest in clean and renewable power solutions, while allowing customers to personalize their electricity plan according to their lifestyles. Consumers nationwide are interested in being good stewards of the resources we have. In fact, according to a Deloitte Resources Study, approximately 68 percent of U.S. consumers are very concerned about climate change and their personal carbon footprint, an increase of almost 10 percent from a 2015 benchmark. In the renewable energy category, most consumers prefer the use of solar ahead of other alternative energy sources.

Suite of Electricity Plans

And, regardless of whether customers like to monitor usage regularly or if they would prefer to just set it and forget it, Reliant has them covered. As the only retail electric provider in Texas currently offering three free time-of-use plans simultaneously, Reliant’s suite of electricity plans under Pick Your Free was created to suit a variety of lifestyles, and all three are automatically offset with renewable solar energy at no cost:

  • NEW: Reliant Truly Free Flex Days offers free electricity for the two highest electricity usage days every week. This plan appeals to customers who often have fluctuating schedules and do not want to think about when they use electricity the most, such as professionals working from home, shift workers and stay-at-home parents.
  • Reliant Truly Free Weekends offers free electricity every weekend, from 8 p.m. Friday to 12 a.m. Monday. This plan is most appealing to customers who can schedule their high electricity usage activities for the weekend. Truly Free Weekends is for those who spend their weekends at home binge-watching, meal-prepping and catching up on laundry.
  • Reliant Truly Free Nights offers free electricity every night, from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. This plan works best for customers who use their electronics, appliances, and AC most in the evening. Truly Free Nights appeals to those who are night owls and enjoy the simple pleasure of sleeping extra cool on warm Texas nights.

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