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Refresh Glass Announces 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission


TEMPE, ARIZ.—Refresh Glass, a Tempe, Ariz.-based company that creates functional wine bottle art made from empties rescued from landfills, is helping restaurants, hotels, and retailers generate revenue while contributing to their 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission.
Hotels and restaurants that use Refresh Glass products get enthusiastic responses from guests who recognize the wine bottles they know and love while increasing engagement with their staff. The repurposed wares also help broaden their sustainability programs that the public increasingly looks for every year.
“The FireSky Resort and Spa is a very green conscious resort and we have been using Refresh Glasses in our event areas and guestrooms for over three years.” said Cheryl Martin, General Manager. “Our guests continually have animated responses to how fun and unique they are. We also sell their four packs in our gift shop which makes the glassware a great overall win for us. The partnership has been successful and I always look forward to what is coming next.”

Positive Response at Husk Restaurant

Restaurants such as the acclaimed Husk Restaurant in Charleston, S.C. have had similar guest responses.

“We have been using Refresh glassware since our inception in 2010,” said Jennifer Bresnahan, Manager. “The 16 ounce Amber glasses add rusticity to our contemporary dining room. The 12 ounce antiques are used for our cocktails and bring a unique twist to our beverage program. Refresh glasses are sturdy and beautiful, in addition to being on the front lines of the fight against waste, making them a perfect choice for us here at Husk.”
Refresh Glass began in the garage of Ray DelMuro, a former aerospace engineer, in an effort to combine his passions for the function of engineering, the responses of art, and a great cause. The company now has gone from humble beginnings in the local farmers market to diverting more than 15,000 empty wine bottles each month from local collection partners who would have otherwise thrown them away. The bottles are then transformed into functional products such as drinking glasses, candle holders, vases, planters and more.
“We now sell to Wolfgang Puck, Four Seasons, Whole Foods Market and we ship all over the country,” DelMuro said. “We create multifaceted win-win situations for our hospitality and wholesale partners. They make money for their businesses while supporting a greater cause.”

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