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Radtrak3 Now Available in Canada & United States


INTERNATIONAL REPORT—Radonova, a global leader in radon measurement, has brought the more accurate Radtrak³ alpha track radon detector to Canada and the United States. The Radtrak³ is significantly smaller, which simplifies both deployment and shipping. Plus, with its reusable plastic components, this new detector is very “green.”

The Radtrak³ has officially launched in North America, replacing its predecessor, the Radtrak². The Radtrak² has been the gold standard for alpha track radon detection since its debut in 2014. Over four million units were sold across the globe during its life cycle. The Radtrak³ is now poised to replicate and surpass the legacy of the Radtrak².

The Radtrack³ is Radonova’s most sensitive alpha track detector to date. The new detector can detect levels of radon as low as 35 pCi*days/L to as high as 55,000 pCi*days/L. This wide range of sensitivity makes the new detector perfect for both dwelling and workplace measurements.

Smaller Than Previous Model

At only 17 mm tall, it is a significantly smaller detector. The reduced size of the Radtrak³ is due to innovations in analysis equipment and software. Alongside the introduction of Radtrak³, Radonova has also increased its production capacity, allowing for more detectors to be built and shipped in a fraction of the time it used to take.

“Deploying Radtrak³ makes it even easier to carry out a reliable radon measurement. Although a radon detector is relatively simple to construct, we always strive to improve our product design to enhance our solution portfolio. We work in a global marketplace and constantly listen to our customers’ feedback and requirements. Radtrak³ is a natural successor to a radon detector that has so far been used by customers in over 50 countries,” says Karl Nilsson, CEO of Radonova Laboratories.

The sleek compact design of Radtrak³ makes it easier to place the detector and allows it to more easily blend into the background of the testing location. It is also the most environmentally friendly radon detector on the market, with reusable plastic parts that will be put back into the assembly line and used again, instead of being thrown out.

The Radtrak³ is now available on Radonova.com for both consumer and commercial use.