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Quipworks Goes National with GLSand Machine


LOS ANGELES—Quipworks announced the nationwide expansion of its cutting-edge GLSand glass reduction system. Designed for bars, hotels, resorts, and holiday homes, the machine allows owners to easily recycle glass materials into fine sand or grit in just a few seconds.

The GLSand system is distributed by Quipworks, which provides sustainable equipment to help the hospitality industry reduce waste, control costs, and ensure a safer environment for customers and crews.

The GLSand glass reduction system was introduced with great success at The Ranch at Laguna Beach, a luxury resort in Southern California. Since its implementation, the machine has helped staff at the property to prevent roughly 100,000 glass bottles (or 150,000 pounds) from going to landfill, where less than 40 percent would have been recycled. The bottles were transformed into 75 tons of sand, which now lines the bunkers at The RanchLB’s Ben Brown Golf Course.

Guests Participate in Waste-Reducing Effort

“Golfers love the sand and the story about where it comes from,” says The Ranch at Laguna Beach’s General Manager Kurt Bjorkman. “We also show guests our glass crushing machine area. It is a fun, unique way to showcase an important element of our sustainability efforts to clients, and they even get to use the machine themselves to crush some bottles!”

Not only has the GLSand glass reduction system allowed The Ranch at Laguna Beach to largely reduce glass waste, it has also aided in the creation of a new full-time position at the resort, with a new staff person dedicated to the glass reduction and sand creation process. On the effectiveness of the machines, Bjorkman added that the GLSand program has worked very well so far, with no serious breakdowns. “We only needed a small part due to heavy use, and Quipworks sent us the replacement in less than 24 hours.”

The GLSand compact glass bottle crusher works by reducing glass bottles in volume by 10:1, creating sand-like product. The GLV Screener is then utilized to sort, screen and repurpose the sand into recyclable material. The system, designed for waste and cost reduction, as well as promoting sustainability efforts, is simple, quiet and easy to operate.

For more information on the GLSand and GLV Screener, visit https://quipworks.com. To view the system in action, visit https://youtu.be/U3wizwvX1cc and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLh8pRnpIxg&t=8s.