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Quintess, LRW Teams Up With Leading Green Initiative, STI


BROOMFIELD, COLO.—Through its partnership with The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd., Quintess, LRW has joined the company’s recently launched Leading Green Initiative, a program enabling and encouraging guests to make conscious decisions about greener travel by actively supporting Sustainable Travel International (STI), a nonprofit organization that emphasizes responsible tourism.

The Leading Green Initiative is a carbon neutral program whereby Quintess, LRW will directly absorb the cost to offset members’ energy consumption in each of the Club’s more than 60 properties worldwide. Through this, Quintess, LRW will contribute funds to renewable energy programs that will prevent an equal amount of carbon dioxide emissions elsewhere around the globe.

“We are proud to take a leadership position as the first destination club to proactively support responsible tourism and sustainable travel, as well as to help protect the environments our members visit,” says Ben Addoms, founder and executive vice president, Membership Development for Quintess, LRW. “Nothing is required of the members as the contribution to STI is completely underwritten by Quintess.”

Carbon Footprint Calculated

STI has created a unique carbon offset program for the Club by calculating Quintess, LRW’s carbon footprint: the total carbon dioxide emissions associated with the internal operations of each home. This includes:

• Home electricity consumption expressed in kilowatt-hours or megawatt-hours on a month-to-month basis;
• Square footage of common areas;
• Total number of rooms;
• Average occupancy rates; and
• Estimated total number of guests annually.

This program also enables Quintess, LRW members to positively impact the environment on their own by simply mentioning Leading Green when reserving an experience at any of Leading Hotel’s 440 hotels worldwide, or directly booking through www.lhwgreen.com. LHW will make a corporate donation of 50 cents to STI for every night of a guests’ stay. And, if Club members want to make a financial donation on their own, they can use the STI carbon calculator, which is on the Quintess, LRW website, to calculate how much would be needed to offset the carbon footprint from their travel
beyond their stays in Club homes.

“We are thrilled that Quintess, LRW has joined with The Leading Hotels of the World to participate in their Leading Green Initiative, which helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with their residences,” says Brian T. Mullis, president of Sustainable Travel International.”