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QuickRinse.net Launches Water-Saving, Shower-Rinsing Product


BOISE, IDAHO—Cary Thomas and Ruth Hurt, owners of QuickRinse.net, announced the launch of their first product, Quick Rinse, a new way to rinse showers during the cleaning process that is six times faster and uses up to 83 percent less water than the traditional method of rinsing with a cup.

The Quick Rinse vinyl bladder, ideal for hotel housekeeping, is placed over an existing showerhead and is secured in place by a velcro strap. Just seconds after turning on the shower, water flows through the natural rubber tubing for fast, efficient rinsing. Quick Rinse is designed for all types of rinsing projects and specifically constructed to withstand rigorous daily use by professional cleaners of all kinds.

“The potential water, energy and sewage savings worldwide is phenomenal,” Ruth says. “We started out just looking for a way to make our work easier, never expecting that it would expand into something that would benefit a global audience.”

In 2006 friends Cary Thomas and Ruth Hurt started a professional cleaning business, Kompletely Kleen, LLC. As the two entrepreneurs worked in their clients’ homes, they continually looked for better, more efficient ways to clean and as a result their business steadily grew.

Cup Rinsing was Inefficient Process

After years of trial and error, Cary and Ruth recognized that rinsing showers during the cleaning process was the least efficient task in their routine. This was only improved occasionally if the shower was equipped with a special, handheld showerhead fixture, otherwise they used a cup to rinse all the cleaning solution away. Rinsing with a cup was a lot more time consuming which, in turn, required the water to run for much longer periods of time, ultimately using excessive amounts of water.

“There were times that we would clean 10 to 15 showers in one day,” Cary says. “We would stand there for what seemed like forever, filling cup after cup and slowly rinsing one little area at a time. Our arms ached, water would constantly run down our arms, and our clothes would be drenched by the end of the day.”

In 2012, Cary and Ruth decided to try their hand as aspiring inventors and made their first prototype from the bladder in a box of wine. After nearly three years of testing and improving their design, the two mothers have finally brought their inspiration to fruition by offering Quick Rinse to the lodging industry.

For more information or to purchase Quick Rinse, visit www.QuickRinse.net, e-mail QuickRinseSaves@gmail.com, or call (208) 371-5013. To access a video about the new product, click here.