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Quick Crete Launches Smokeless Ash Receptacle


NORCO, CALIF.—Quick Crete Products Corp. has introduced a virtually smokeless ash receptacle for the disposal of cigarette and other tobacco-related litter in public areas. Through a patent-pending process, the new Halo product virtually eliminates tobacco smoke and odors, keeping the surrounding air cleaner and easier to breathe. The Halo’s covered design also eliminates the unsightly appearance caused by partially smoked or spent cigarette and cigar butts.

“Because cigarette litter is becoming such a major environmental issue in communities, customers have been asking us for a better solution to the problems associated with it, especially in public areas frequented by nonsmokers,” says Rick Crook, Quick Crete vice president. “According to the International Coastal Cleanup organization, cigarette litter is at the top of its list of collected trash, accounting for nearly 35 percent of all debris picked up.”

Crook said the new Halo products will help to eliminate tobacco-related eyesores and disagreeable odors in public areas, while also providing smokers with an attractive and useful ash receptacle to dispose of smoking products responsibly. Research shows that nearly 80 percent of smokers will use ash receptacles if they are made available.

Helps Eliminate Secondhand Smoke

In addition to being unsightly, partially lit and smoldering tobacco products are also a cause of secondhand smoke, which has been classified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a known human carcinogen. Because of its effectiveness in eliminating smoke and odor, Crook said the Halo smokeless ash receptacle is especially desirable in areas where clean air is a must, such as outdoor eating areas and hotels.

What differentiates the Halo from other so-called smokeless products, according to Crook, is the overall design and special features that effectively trap the smoke inside so it can’t seep out through the top. Also, the Halo requires no installation—it’s simply placed where it’s needed most. Other brands require mounting, grouting, drilling and permanent attachment.

The new Halo products have also been specifically designed to blend into a wide variety of architectural styles, making it a boon to those who want to match already existing structures and architectural furnishings at their sites. The designs and color choices also complement other Quick Crete site furnishings to help create a totally integrated overall look.

The Halo line is available in seven different styles, ranging from classic to contemporary, and offers a wide variety of color and surface finishes. All Halo products are made to order, and can have a logo or other symbol imprinted on them to blend in with a site’s other branded furnishings. Maintenance of the Halo is minimal, and its concrete construction makes it virtually vandal proof. The unit also empties in as little as 15 seconds for quick cleanup, and is made of durable, non-corrosive materials that don’t rust, crack, splinter or fade.

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