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PurOptima Pushes Boundaries with Lowest Carbon Footprint to Date


NEW YORK—PurOptima, a global leading manufacturer of sustainable interior glass wall partitions and doors, previously announced that all its glass and aluminum wall partitions and doors were made using Hydro CIRCAL, providing the lowest embodied carbon in the market. In the latest news, Hydro CIRCAL now delivers recycled aluminum with an even lower documented carbon footprint of 1.9 kg of CO2e/kg aluminum, down from the previous 2.3 kg of CO2e/kg. This is done through advances in sourcing, sorting, and traceability of post-consumer aluminum scrap.

“The aluminum extrusions that we are using for our systems provide the lowest carbon contribution of any aluminum that can be found in the world today. Continuing to include Hydro CIRCAL in PurOptima products demonstrates our commitment to circular economic principles and is a key milestone in our journey towards reducing our carbon footprint to zero and passing the savings along to our clients,” says Kevin Mayer, U.S. Country Manager for PurOptima.

Hydro CIRCAL is a brand of sustainable aluminum, made with a minimum of 75 percent recycled post-consumer scrap, which minimizes the carbon footprint of the products in which it’s used. Recycling aluminum requires just 5 percent of the energy needed to produce primary aluminum, drastically reducing the amount of energy required.

Reflects Company’s Ongoing Aim

This benefit is then passed onto PurOptima’s glass wall partitions and doors, greatly reducing their embodied carbon, reflecting the company’s ongoing aim to become a low-emission glass wall manufacturer.

PurOptima recently announced that it has incorporated its business in the U.S. and now functions as a stand-alone operation. While PurOptima continues to work with Optima Systems in the U.K., it continues to provide state-of-the-art fabrication and cutting-edge interior glass walls and doors for the U.S. market. Working with its project delivery partners across the country, PurOptima aluminum frames and doors are fabricated locally, and all of the glass is sourced from American fabricators that are often local to each project. Integrating Hydro CIRCAL into its products allows PurOptima to continue to deliver a competitive carbon advantage unseen by other building products in the U.S.

Adds Mayer, “We are constantly considering the future and our own role within it. That’s why we’re increasingly focusing on how we manufacture and consume as a business. Designing products and processes that incorporate reusability is key to how we work now and moving forward. As a market leader, we are developing several innovations that will support our clients and the environment and our use of Hydro CIRCAL is another one of these advances.”

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