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PTAC Attachment Provides Extra Layer of Guestroom Air Filtration


When was the last time you stayed at a hotel with a PTAC and noticed an extra air filtration cover over the PTAC? You most likely have not experienced this but at a trade show earlier in the year I discovered a company, RZ Industries, that makes an air purifying filter that attaches to the front of the PTAC. Called the RZ AIRflow, it improves the air quality of the guestroom by removing 99.7 percent of airborne particulates from inside and outside. The system uses carbon filters and a HEPA filter. There is no added noise when using the RZ AIRflow. The systems come with tent cards to let your guests know about the extra step you have taken to remove common allergens, bacteria & viruses, and smoke and odors.

According to RZ Industries, the RZ AIRflow uses no electricity and reduces airflow by less than 5 percent on most standard PTACs. Replaceable filters last up to six months in moderate conditions. A simple to use filter subscription plan keeps filters coming to you in case you forget to order them. A video on the RZ AIRflow website explains the upside to using the RZ AIRflow. The RZ AIRflow is an inexpensive option for standalone air purifiers. RZ Industries has found that the RZ AIRflow increase the likelihood of a guest returning to the property using the system. If you have a premium room at your hotel, the RZ AIRflow can be part of that premium room experience. RZ Industries even sells direct to guests so they can use them during their travels. The RZ AIRflow can be carried in a convenient carrying case.

Be sure to check out this new product that can help you, your guests, and your team members breathe easier.