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Procter & Gamble Professional Launches Green Website


CINCINNATI—Procter & Gamble Professional (PGP), the away-from-home division of consumer products giant Procter & Gamble (P&G), has launched a website outlining its approach to providing environmentally responsible cleaning products to the janitorial/sanitation and lodging industries. The P&G Pro Line Green Guarantee website, found at www.greenguarantee.com, highlights PGP’s stringent environmental standards, as well as the holistic approach its research and development team follows for creating each product.

“From the environmentally responsible nature of our products to the solid reputation of P&G, PGP has a great story to tell,” says J.F. Couture, brand manager for PGP. “This site will help our customers understand PGP’s environmental philosophy, and that our everyday way of doing business demonstrates outstanding environmental responsibility.”

P&G was one of the first to bring concentrated products, recycled plastic bottles and refill packages to the industry and has refined a “cradle to grave” product development process involving pre-market, science-based product safety assessments. The company has published more than 500 articles on topics related to environmental safety since 1990, and has hundreds of scientists and engineers responsible for assessing the environmental safety of its products and operations. P&G was among the first companies to establish a Central Product Safety Environment Group.

External sources have acknowledged the environmental work of the company. P&G has been the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Super Sector Leader for seven consecutive years in the “Non-Durable Household Products” market sector, and received the World Environment Center Gold Medal for International Corporate Environmental Achievement. In addition, the PGP Green Guarantee is an extension of the companywide philosophy.

“We want our customers to know that our products, from daily cleaners to laundry products, meet high human and environmental standards,” says Martha Macy-Ruhe, PGP Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs. “We offer our customers products that are not only effective but also meet the company’s high standards for safety.”