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Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel Venture Formally Announced


We have all heard of hotels being under water before—but literally? It could happen if entrepreneur Tony Webb gets enough support for his Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel venture. Watch for more details soon on Green Lodging News. Here is what we know so far: Late last month, Webb issued a press release formally inviting the hotel industry and prominent resort properties to partner with his company and open the world’s first underwater luxury boutique hotel. The first hotel would be located in Cuban waters. The company has selected 15 ideal sites for its underwater hotels and its vital coral reef restoration, which is part of its core mission and vision.

The hotel design includes private rooms with panoramic views of exotic marine life and coral reefs, about 30 feet below sea level. Guests will have an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime experience of living inches from undersea aquatic life, while enjoying intimate privacy, personalized concierge service, and a full menu of luxurious amenities. Meanwhile the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is fully supported by sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology systems for underwater support and triple-redundant safety, “affording ultimate peace of mind and relaxation.”

As Webb, Founder and Managing Director for Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel explains, “It is now time to present the full disclosure document regarding the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel and Research Center to the hotel industry, for consideration to partake in our USA—Cuba endeavor. We anticipate that many of our nation’s leaders will be very proud to see such a program implemented…to launch an entirely new industry of inner space undersea tourism for America and other underwater hotel host nations.”

Webb previously owned and funded a space tourism company for 13 years and was a major sponsor for the Google Lunar X-Prize team Synergy Moon, one of only five finalists in the Google Lunar X-Prize. Now he and a team of internationally-renowned experts are focused on making the first fully self-contained luxury underwater hotel on the planet.