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Plaine Products Bulks Up Hair Care Portfolio to Eliminate Packaging


CINCINNATI—Plaine Products, a Cincinnati-based company dedicated to protecting the environment by eliminating single-use packaging, is building up their hair care portfolio with a 3.5 gallon bulk refill option for their best-selling Rosemary Mint Vanilla shampoo and conditioner. Businesses like salons and spas, hotels, and other wholesale partners can now more economically reduce their environmental impact by offering all-natural hair products as part of their service or product sales offering with significantly less packaging waste.

Plaine Products is building upon their commitment to eco-friendly hair care products and a reduction in single use packaging by scaling products for commercial use. The bulk containers have applications in the spa and salon setting for in-store hair services and for hotels providing in-room shampoo and conditioner in refillable containers as a more affordable alternative to individually-packaged products. Additionally, the larger packaging provides options for individual shampoo and conditioner refills in a retail setting. In response to increasing consumer demand for more natural hair care products, businesses now can provide cleaner shampoo and conditioner options with improved margins, all while reducing plastic and single-use waste.

As with their standard-sized aluminum containers, these larger containers will be returned to Plaine Products for cleaning, refilling and then a return to distribution, continuing the company’s commitment to reusable packaging versus single use. “We’re thrilled to offer this more economic option to our wholesale customers,” said Plaine Products co-founder and CEO, Lindsey McCoy. “This new packaging gives us another opportunity to scale our impact in keeping plastic out of landfills and oceans through our use of sustainable packaging.”

Plaine Products continues its commitment to the environment with earth- and body-friendly products inside each one of their reusable containers. Their entire product line uses toxin-free, effective ingredients that are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicone, and palm oil that are designed to biodegrade. The cruelty free, Leaping Bunny certified products are also baby safe and hypoallergenic.

This new bulk packaging is in response to increased demand from current salon customers who were seeking an easier way to incorporate Plaine Products as part of their client experience. The large containers with pumps can be easily used directly on the salon floor. Salons that currently sell Plaine Products in-store can now also refill empty bottles and can encourage their customers to bring back their bottles for refill when they return for their next hair service. The company’s best-selling Rosemary Mint Vanilla shampoo and conditioner are currently offered in bulk packaging to wholesalers and retailers and can be ordered via the website at plaineproducts.com.