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Philips Lighting Adds StumbleLight to Lighting Collection


NEW YORK—Philips Lighting Co., a division of Philips Electronics North America Corp., an affiliate of Royal Philips Electronics, has introduced its new StumbleLight, a motion-activated night guiding light designed to turn on when a hotel guest steps out of bed. Ideal for placement under a hotel room nightstand or on a wall to illuminate the path at night, StumbleLight lights the way through a room or to a bathroom using a warm white LED light source.

The 55 to 65 lumens of light output delivered by StumbleLight, comparable to the light output of traditional incandescent night light technology, is an optimal amount to sufficiently light a hotel guest’s way and avoid the need to activate bright, overhead lights or other room lighting that could disrupt a full night’s sleep.

Designed for indoor use only, StumbleLight features warm white LED lighting and a remote motion sensor unit with a photocell. Upon detecting motion at night, StumbleLight instantly provides light at full intensity for 12 seconds and, if no motion is detected after 12 seconds, will slowly fade from full intensity to off. Requiring approximately two watts of electricity and featuring an average rated life of 50,000 hours, StumbleLight is a highly efficient, long lasting, low maintenance, and visually pleasing night guiding light. In addition, StumbleLight’s unobtrusive design allows it to be easily installed under a nightstand or integrated within any hotel room décor to deliver maximum design flexibility.

“Based on research into the needs, wants, and practices of frequent travelers, StumbleLight’s features help to simplify the hotel experience, enhance safety, and promote a full and restful night’s sleep,” says Jim Anderson, Director of Technology & Projects, Philips Solid State Lighting Solutions.

For more information on Philips’ new StumbleLight, visit www.philips.com.