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PestWest USA Introduces Latest Flying Insect Control System


SARASOTA, FLA.—PestWest USA has just launched its latest proprietary flying insect control system: the Mantis Qualis. Designed to provide a new level of pest control, the Qualis makes use of the latest advancements in LED systems with its Quantum X technology.

The Qualis trap marks a shift from traditional pest control LED technology. Instead of the typical point source diode light traps, the Quantum X opts for LED filament technology. This unique system creates an attraction effect that equals typical fluorescent output. According to PestWest, the trap also features a 360⁰ UVA emission which greatly surpasses the 120⁰ emission of its competitors. Additional features include:

  • LED filaments produce a soft light that attracts insects without irritating human vision.
  • A helium cooling system makes for a lower operating temperature that promotes long-term performance.
  • Mercury-free and lead-free production means the Qualis is both human-safe and environmentally responsible.
  • 864 diodes. 9x more ways to attract flies to the system than other insect light traps. More diodes equal more capture. More capture equals a higher level of sanitation. A higher level of sanitation equals higher quality. Higher quality equals happy customers. Happy customers are returning customers.

James Shaffer, President of PestWest USA, has fully backed the Qualis system, citing the effectiveness of its new technology. “The UVA lamp is the brain of every insect light trap system, and this new technology puts insect light traps in a very different light,” Shaffer says. “No more hit-or-miss attraction zones, which certainly improves photo-positive flying insect capture. And that keeps bacteria-ridden flies off your food after visiting the bottom of a dumpster.” 

According to PestWest, the Quantum X LED insect light traps offer additional energy savings of 35 percent—this is on top of the 50 percent savings of LED traps in comparison to fluorescents. But these savings aren’t limited to environmental impact. Consumer costs are also reduced, with a Quantum X trap system at just $14 per year, compared to $21 for a point source diode lamp and $42 for a fluorescent system and eliminates special waste recycling costs.

PestWest also asserts that the Qualis’ longevity and minimal upkeep can lead to additional savings for consumers. “Replace Quantum X lamps every two to three years versus annually with fluorescent lamps. Over time, that’s saving real money in energy, labor, and materials,” Shaffer says.