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Peachtree Lighting Introduces Wall Sconce Family for LED Lighting


COVINGTON, GA.—Covington, Ga.-based Peachtree Lighting, a leader in very low energy highly efficient architectural luminaries, has introduced a new family of small wall mounted sconces that use a new LED light source. LED light sources have in the past two years accelerated miniaturization of lighting equipment used for modern architectural lighting.

The LEDO series is a slender, clean accent wall luminaire only 10″ x 6″ x 1 ¾” deep, easily complying with ADA requirements. It creates a soft up and down lighting pattern that is both functional and decorative.

Typically, normal ceiling height ceilings and corridors have presented issues for architects and lighting designers. Few energy efficient commercial grade products exist in sizes that complement the space. LEDO series is available with an interesting and unique edge illuminated translucent graphic and or logo panel.

The standard finish is brushed aluminum and is available in eight other finishes including copper, and “special wall covering” units which are clad with, for example, hotel wall covering material. The LED light source produces no ultraviolet light so wall coverings or pictures will not degrade.
The luminaire uses only 7.8 watts of energy and the life is 50,000-plus hours. The standard LED light source color is white. Other LED colors are aqua, blue, red and green.

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