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Panic System, Room Status Scanner Help Ensure Housekeeper Safety

Panic button from ALERTPOINT

NATIONAL REPORT—Housekeeper safety has been a hot issue as of late, as detailed in a recent Green Lodging News column. As the focus on the need for a safe work environment has grown, so too have the number of tools available to help keep housekeepers safe from harm. Many hotels are now equipping housekeepers with panic buttons. Others are using a device to let housekeepers know—from the hallway—if a guestroom is occupied. Some companies—Hilton and Disney, for example—have revised “Do Not Disturb” sign policies to give housekeeping, maintenance and security staff the ability to inspect guestrooms every 24 hours. These policies follow the Las Vegas mass shooting last fall when a gunman used an upper-floor guestroom at the Mandalay Bay resort to fire on a crowd of concertgoers on the ground, killing more than 50 and injuring more than 500.

One company offering an employee panic system that communicates via Bluetooth is ALERTPOINT. With the push of a wireless panic button, a housekeeper can discreetly notify security or management. ALERTPOINT’s locating technology and software lets staff know precisely when and where there is a threat on property—expediting response, coordination, and communication. ALERTPOINT’s mesh network of proprietary “hubs” and locating beacons allow one to create a security net—extending to places like laundry facilities, pools, and parking lots.

One can conveniently manage and monitor an emergency event as it is unfolding with ALERTPOINT Mobile or AlertView Software—which even includes a walkie-talkie function for secure, streamlined communication. The ALERTPOINT system forms an independent interconnected network with the ALERTPOINT gateway that works whether a network is online or off.

Monitor a Crisis on a Smartphone

Using ALERTPOINT software, one can instantly lock down a building from the palm of one’s hand. ALERTPOINT Mobile apps can communicate with ALERTPOINT Hubs and beacons via Bluetooth for locating, notifying and alert activation. One can easily manage and monitor a crisis on a smartphone with the “Active Alert Console” crisis management screen. A smartphone can be turned into a secure, two-way emergency communication radio with a push of a button, streamlining communication between responders and crisis managers.

Room Status Scanner from LTC Enterprises, LLC (Lodging Technology)

One can manage and monitor crises from the office or command center as they’re happening on a large screen display with ALERTPOINT AlertView software and PA interface. One can instantly identify and locate security alerts when they occur with real-time updating maps and floor plans. One can get alert information and instructions to every room with ALERTPOINT client applications (PC and Mac). One can also respond to incoming alert notifications, letting colleagues know you are on your way. You can also view and manage alerts for which you are responsible, based on your role.

As part of its GEM Link Wireless Energy Management System, LTC Enterprises, LLC (Lodging Technology) offers a Room Status Scanner (RSS). RSS is an optional hand-held device used by housekeeping, maintenance, and security staff to check room occupancy status. Since GEM Link Wireless knows whether a guestroom is occupied or vacant, hotel staff can use the RSS from the hallway while performing their daily duties. This helps prevent unnecessary and embarrassing intrusions on guests while they are sleeping, dressing, or showering.

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