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Owls Carpet Plank Collection Finds Inspiration in Birds of Prey


CALHOUN, GA.—Owls have captured the imagination of humankind for centuries. Designed by Jason F. McLennan in collaboration with Mohawk Group, the Owls collection reinterprets the essence of these North American birds of prey through color and patterning. Inspired by their plumage, this distinctive, yet versatile commercial carpet plank features mottled shades of black, brown, tan and grey that take flight in contract interiors. A stylized visual and simple texture create intriguing, coordinating combinations across two 12″ x 36″ patterns: Feather and Flight.

“When Mohawk Group approached me to do a sequel to Lichen, we had to think about what would have a similar impact of drawing people into nature—but in a new way,” said McLennan. “If you are trying to create a design that works aesthetically but also works on a deep psychological level, you have to find this balance between the abstraction and the literal manifestation—the essence.”

McLennan and his team consider design from multiple perspectives. First, looking at how a product is made, and its ecological footprint is vital. Mohawk Group’s continued participation in the Living Product Challenge shows the company’s commitment to responsible, holistic manufacturing. Next, on a pure aesthetic basis, the McLennan team wants these products to be beautiful and desirable. Finally, the designers seek to instill a deeper meaning into their work: a primal connection, an emotional response and a subconscious recognition.

Each style within the Owls collection contains no chemicals of concern, is carbon neutral, incorporates biophilic design principles, and creates a measurable positive impact for society.

Nature-Inspired Carpet System

“Birds are such an indicator of our environmental footprint on the world. With that in mind, we dug deeper into owls to truly understand and interpret their textures and patterns,” said Jackie Dettmar, Vice President of Design and Product Development at Mohawk Group. “The Owls collection represents a collaborative effort between a diverse group of people who have come together to make Mohawk’s latest nature-inspired carpet system.”

Owls meets the stringent requirements of Living Product Challenge Petal Certification and is domestically produced at Mohawk Group’s “Living Site” facility in Glasgow, Va. The Living Product Challenge is a product certification program, advocacy tool and philosophy created by the International Living Future Institute and defines the most advanced measure of sustainability in product manufacturing today. In using this framework, Mohawk Group ensures the collection has a net positive impact for people and the environment through innovations in the materials, manufacturing and community involvement initiatives behind the collaboration.

Owls comes standard with Red List-free Duracolor Tricor solution-dyed nylon fiber and EcoFlex NXT tile backing. Duracolor Tricor utilizes a groundbreaking modified triangular-shaped core to deliver stain resistance, colorfastness, durability, color clarity and enhanced soil performance. Owls integrates many of the same innovations that debuted with the Lichen collection, including lower-impact yarn systems and Pattern Perfect tufting technology, solidifying a commitment to leave a smaller footprint while extending a social “handprint.”

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