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Osram Sylvania Launches Global Care Sustainability Initiative


DANVERS, MASS.— Osram Sylvania announced the company’s Global Care sustainability initiative. The program represents the company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

“Global Care will drive positive results to the triple bottom line addressing social, economic and environmental needs,” says Charlie Jerabek, Osram Sylvania president and CEO. “This initiative represents our dedication to meeting customers’ lighting needs with a sustainable approach to product design, development, manufacturing and distribution.”

Global Care is the latest milestone in Osram Sylvania’s long history of environmental achievement. A five-time Energy Star Award winner, the company recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of its ECOLOGIC line of business lighting products. These lamps have prevented 70,000 pounds of mercury and 1.4 million pounds of lead from entering the environment over the past decade.

Osram Sylvania is launching the Global Care program with several initiatives, including a 10 percent reduction in company energy use by 2008. All Osram Sylvania facilities in Canada, Mexico and the Unites States have committed to this energy efficiency goal.

Online Recycling Service Established

In addition, the company has established an online recycling service that is an industry first. In association with Veolia Environmental Services, North America’s largest lamp and ballast recycler, Osram Sylvania now offers RECYCLEPAK, a line of consumer and business recycling kits that can be purchased online and delivered to homes and businesses.

Osram Sylvania has also committed to eliminate its polyvinylchloride (PVC) packages by the end of 2008. A new 100 percent recycled paperboard package, called SmartPak, is an easy-to-open and environmentally preferable alternative to PVC compact fluorescent packaging. For other PVC product packages, the company will transition to plastic materials suitable for curbside recycling.

“These innovative Global Care measures are significant steps in Osram Sylvania’s ongoing effort to save energy, reduce landfill waste and consume fewer natural resources,” Jerabek says.

Go to Osram Sylvania Global Care. More information on the Osram Sylvania Global Care program is available at www.sylvania.com/aboutus/energyandenvironment/.