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Osram Sylvania Introduces New elogic Incandescent


DANVERS, MASS.— Osram Sylvania proves a small bulb can make a big difference with the introduction of the new elogic mini. The lead-free bulb offers a 50 percent longer life, an almost 30 percent smaller bulb, and consumes 5 percent less energy with only a little less light than standard incandescent bulbs.

“If half the incandescent light bulbs sold in the U.S. today were elogic bulbs, we’d keep 830 tons of lead out of the environment,” says Jon DiGesu, director of brand strategy, Osram Sylvania. “And if half the incandescent light bulbs sold in the U.S. today used less energy like elogic, we’d save enough energy to light all the homes in Sacramento, California for 12 years.”

With an almost 30 percent smaller bulb, the fully dimmable elogic can be used in applications beyond just standard fixtures. Based on 900 million lamps, which is half of the total market of standard incandescent lamps manufactured each year, the smaller shape and length equals a reduction of more than 1,200 tons of glass per year.

Smart Packaging Reduces Waste

A four-pack of the bulbs are contained in a “cube pack” made of 100 percent recycled paperboard to minimize material for environmentally preferable waste disposal. Compared to standard incandescent packaging, elogic uses 27 percent less paper material by weight and has a smaller physical size—using 37 percent less space on trucks, store shelves, and in warehouse storage.

Each year, the transportation of the elogic raw materials and finished bulbs reduces delivery loads by 2,305 trucks in transit from the glass supplier to the manufacturing site and then to the distribution center. The decrease in truck loads results in over 487,000 gallons of fuel savings, subsequently reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 10.8 million pounds.

Osram Sylvania has set a goal to maintain two-thirds of its manufacturing in North America, including places like St. Marys, Pennsylvania, where elogic and other Sylvania incandescent light bulbs are made. To manufacture in the United States and remain competitive with facilities around the world, innovation is necessary, which means continuously developing new products consumers want and making them as efficiently as possible. The latest new idea from St. Marys, elogic is a prime example of how innovative, quality products can still be produced in the United States.

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