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Osram Sylvania Announces Lamp Recycling Program


DENVER—Osram Sylvania announced that it has developed a business association with Veolia Environmental Services, the largest lamp and ballast recycler in North America, to provide environmentally responsible recycling alternatives. As a leader in environmentally preferable, energy-efficient lighting solutions, Osram is now expanding its range of lighting and recycling solutions by offering the sale of Recyclepak, Veolia’s proprietary recycling kit, through www.sylvania.com/recycle.

Using the Recyclepak makes recycling easy for large or small quantities of spent lamps and ballasts. Prepaid packaging allows for a convenient way to manage lighting waste. One price includes everything needed for complete lamp and ballast recycling.

Recyclepak ships supplies to and from the facility, and processes all documentation, including certificates of recycling. The prepaid recycling program ensures complete compliance with state and local disposal regulations while reducing the risks associated with improper storage.

“We take great pride in being the industry leader in recycling,” says Jennifer Dolin, environmental marketing manager, Osram Sylvania. “We want to make it easy for our customers to be environmentally responsible. Working with Veolia, and selling the Recyclepak through our website, is another step forward in this effort.”

“Our mutual relationship creates a landmark opportunity,” says Rob Wlezien, vice president, sales and marketing at Veolia. “For the first time, a manufacturer has taken a truly proactive approach and collaborated with the largest lamp recycling company in the world to recycle mercury-containing lamps.”

Osram Sylvania has always promoted lamp and ballast recycling as the most responsible method of disposal. As a subsidiary of Osram Sylvania, Sylvania Lighting Services (SLS) upholds that commitment through its service programs. The first lighting service company to recycle lamps at the end of life, SLS includes lamp recycling in every contract they issue for service and maintenance. Each year, SLS sends 8.5 million lamps to certified recycling facilities, keeping over 112 pounds of mercury from entering landfills.