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Osram Announces Partnership With The Climate Project


DANVERS, MASS.—Osram Sylvania has announced its association with The Climate Project, the nonprofit organization founded by Al Gore in 2006, with the mission of training and supporting a diverse group of people to increase public awareness of and take action about the climate crisis at a grassroots level throughout the United States and abroad.

The Climate Project has already trained more than 1,000 volunteers from every corner of the United States to present a version of the slide show on which the Academy Award-winning film, “An Inconvenient Truth” is based. Each volunteer commits to give 10 or more presentations a year to a wide range of audiences across the country. The Climate Project presentations will reach more than 1 million Americans this year with the inconvenient truth about global warming.

One of the simplest actions an individual can take to save energy and begin to combat global warming is to replace an ordinary light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL).

“When The Climate Project approached Sylvania for a donation of CFLs, we saw a greater opportunity to work with a truly visionary organization and help Americans learn about the environmental benefits of using energy-efficient light bulbs,” says Jennifer Dolin, environmental marketing manager with Osram Sylvania.

Demonstrating the Value of CFLs

Those who are familiar with CFLs use them because they save 75 percent more energy, last 10 times longer, and generate 70 percent less heat than an incandescent light bulb. But many people throughout the country don’t know what a CFL is. To increase recognition and understanding of this energy-saving light bulb, Sylvania provided each trained volunteer with a Sylvania 13-watt Mini Twist CFL to show to participants at each presentation.

For those in the audience, Sylvania offers a coupon for $1 off any of the 50 CFL products the company offers. Sylvania has made slides, statistics, facts and photos available to trained volunteer presenters of The Climate Project, as an optional add-in to incorporate into their own slide shows. This can help to demonstrate how something as simple as changing one incandescent light bulb in the home to a CFL can make a difference in saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

“There are a number of companies out there that call themselves or their products ‘green’, says Jenny Clad, executive director, The Climate Project. “However, Sylvania truly is a company whose practices and products embody the goal of The Climate Project. We are extremely pleased to have the support of Sylvania and their team with us as we move forward educating the world about the climate crisis and its solutions.”

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