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Organic Mattresses, Inc. Introduces OrganicPedic Line to Industry


YUBA CITY, CALIF.—Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI), is now making its OrganicPedic line available to green hotels and B&Bs. “In the environmentally-conscious lodging industry, businesses now have an opportunity to share (and sell) environmentally safer products together with their comfortable surroundings,” says Walter Bader, co-founder of OMI. “Green lodging is about the sustainable, eco-friendly practices and products that enhance a guest’s stay. Shouldn’t that philosophy extend to the mattresses as well?”

The opportunity to include organic mattresses in green lodging operations is often overlooked, and represents a huge potential profit center. Plus, ecologically aware travelers appreciate knowing about the extra purity and comfort that organically conscious lodging provides. An organic mattress can be a key feature and selling point of green lodging offerings, and gives guests an important opportunity to experience the luxury and peace of mind that organic products can offer.

OMI’s OrganicPedic is a proprietary line of artisan-made mattresses crafted from certified organic cotton, natural wool, and 100 percent natural rubber. OMI products are produced in the first large-scale exclusively organic mattress factory that is smoke-free, chemical-free, and fragrance-free. Its unique ozone sanitation chamber assures purity against potential contaminations from molds, yeasts, and bacteria. Even the compressed air used in the factory is sterilized so that pollens are never forced into mattresses, as they are under normal manufacturing processes. OMI mattresses are the only adult-sized mattresses in North America to receive the coveted Greenguard certification, granted only to products that meet low-VOC emission standards.

OMI makes a complete line of innerspring and 100 percent natural latex mattresses and foundations, along with a complete array of pillow tops and bedding. Made with 100 percent natural rubber, OMI’s unique button-down, two-sided pillow-top mattress offers three different sleeping options in one product.

Co-founder Bader was one of the first to discover that chemical exposure can occur during sleep as a result of off-gassing from the ingredients used in mattresses and bedding. In his recent book, “Toxic Bedrooms: Your Guide to A Safe Night’s Sleep,” Bader explains that one of the most significant changes we can make to reduce our exposure to toxins is to make modifications in the one location where we spend roughly one-third of our lives: our bedroom. The book shows the reader how to shop for a safe and healthy organic mattress and provides tips for making all parts of the bedroom—from the walls to the floor to the closets—toxin free.

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