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Onity Introduces New Intelligent Energy Saver


OYARZUN, SPAIN—Onity has launched Intellity, its latest innovation in energy management solutions for the lodging industry. Intellity is an intelligent energy saving device that reads the magnetic stripe on Onity hotel-specific keycards to identify and differentiate guest and staff keycards, while disconnecting electrical equipment when guests are out of the room. Because it differentiates between guest and staff cards, it also can prevent hotel housekeeping staff from using certain electrical equipment, such as the television, while cleaning the room. Onity, a leading provider of electronic locking solutions, is part of UTC Fire & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

Like other Onity energy management products, Intellity focuses on preserving comfort for hotel guests, conserving energy and reducing costs. Intellity reduces the hotel’s overall power consumption by as much as 65 percent, significantly lowering operational costs.

“More and more hotels are looking to reduce costs,” says Patxi Elduayen, Onity Hospitality Business Director EMEA. Properties without an energy saver in their guestrooms are missing an easy opportunity for significant savings. Onity is one of the best companies to partner with because we provide real solutions and reliable support.”

For the past two decades, Onity has been recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic solutions for the hospitality industry. With more than 3.7 million locks installed globally, Onity products are found in more than 22,000 properties and 250 hotel chains.

Available in various finishes, Intellity complements any guestroom décor. It features a slim-line housing architecture with a stylish outline that is pleasing to the guest visually and functionally. It also incorporates an attractive blue courtesy light for easy location in the dark. In addition, Intellity is affordable and easy to install. Intellity is not available in all regions worldwide. Contact your local Onity sales representative for more information about Intellity.

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