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OMNI Solutions Lands Large Installation Agreement


MADISON, WIS.—OMNI Solutions, a Wisconsin-based laundry and housekeeping chemical company that provides on-premises laundry and housekeeping chemical solutions to customers in the healthcare and hospitality marketplace, has been awarded an 8,000 Lux Hydroxyl Laundry System installation agreement with TwinMed, LLC, one of the largest full-line medical supplies distributors in the United States.

OMNI Solutions provides innovative, earth-friendly on-premises laundry and housekeeping cleaning solutions, primarily to customers in the healthcare and hospitality marketplace. OMNI Solutions’ line of laundry detergents, softeners and stain removers are injected into standard commercial washing units through their patent pending LUX Hydroxyl System to supercharge the washing process. Designed to work in cooler temperatures, the process greatly reduces energy consumption and operating costs by as much as 50 percent, while reducing and/or eliminating linen bacteria inquired infections.

The supplier agreement with TwinMed spans five years with the goal of installing 8,000 LUX Hydroxyl Systems. TwinMed will also carry OMNI Solutions’ housekeeping product lines, offering operational efficiencies, cost saving solutions and earth-friendly initiatives. The concentrate cleaning solution line is dispersed via an accurate, consistent and safe dispenser system, proportioning concentrated cleaning solutions for spray bottle or bucket dispersion. The smart tablet and proportion pack cleaning solution line is comprised of pre-portioned tablets and packets that quickly dissolve when diluted in spray bottles or buckets. By using concentrated dispersement and dissolvable ready-to-use proportion packs and reusing plastic spray bottles, there is less money spent on the water component of the product and the individual spray bottles, less money spent on shipping these heavy items, less space required to store pre-made and bottled cleaning products, and less plastic going into landfills.

About TwinMed

TwinMed is a leading medical supplies distributor serving long-term care facilities, hospitals and schools throughout the United States, serving as a single source for a full range of nursing home supplies. In addition to housekeeping and laundry supplies and linens, TwinMed provides medical/surgical products, respiratory supplies and services, representing hundreds of suppliers and thousands of products.
“OMNI Solutions’ innovative design reduces energy and water consumption, empowering health care operators to further their green initiatives,” said Andrew Rupnow, Founder of OMNI Solutions. “TwinMed is an outstanding resource for health care facility operators and we are very pleased to be included in their product offerings.”

“More businesses are focusing on integrating environmental sustainability practices into their operations,” said Meyer Greenbaum, Executive V.P. Business Development, TwinMed. “We are really excited to be able to offer our customers the LUX Hyroxyl Laundry System to help further corporate responsibility and green initiatives.”

OMNI Solutions’ product lines and systems are approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Centers for Medicare and Medical Services (CMS) for use in the healthcare markets, are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), are a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved sanitizer and are U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) certified as organic. OMNI Solutions’ corporate headquarters is in Madison, Wis., with regional offices in Charlotte, N.C.; Atlanta; Dallas; Los Angeles; and recently opened offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai China. For more information visit Omnisaves.com.