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Ojai Valley Inn Achieves Responsible Hospitality Sustainability Verification


OJAI, CALIF.—Ojai Valley Inn announced that it is in the inaugural class of resorts to achieve the Responsible Hospitality VERIFIED designation, an industry-leading sustainability standard for luxury hospitality.

Responsible Hospitality is recognized by Forbes Travel Guide, the global authority on hospitality excellence, as the official sustainability verification for its community of Star-Rated hotels in more than 80 countries.

The comprehensive assessment verifies hotels on best practices to protect the environment and support the well-being of employees, guests, and the community—creating a global standard for the world’s finest hotels and a trusted third-party verification for guests.

Designed in partnership with highly respected hotelier Hervé Houdré, a leader in the field, Responsible Hospitality allows discerning guests to make purposeful choices based on consistent, expertly designed global standards.

Single-Use Plastics Eliminated

“Responsible Hospitality is about creating a welcoming, luxurious experience for guests, while being considerate of the environment and human welfare,” said Houdré. “Ojai Valley Inn has demonstrated excellence by eliminating single-use plastics and reducing paper usage, providing local and seasonal menu offerings, engaging in charitable outreach, and more.”

Through both local partnerships with ReCORK Recycling, Watershed Progressive, and Ojai Valley Land Conservancy; as well as its own on-property conservation initiatives, Ojai Valley Inn and Spa Ojai lead by example to offer guests a five-star experience while remaining committed to sustainability. As a participant in The Arundo Project, the Inn is restoring native vegetation to enhance biodiversity, mitigate wildfire risk, and eliminate invasive species. Gardens across the 220-acre resort feature drought-tolerant and pollinator-friendly plants that foster vital habitats for bees, butterflies, and other species. In California, water conservation is also a critical concern, and Ojai Valley Inn has reduced its use of turf across resort grounds to build a more water-efficient environment, introduced low-flow and drip system irrigation to optimize water distribution and minimize water waste, and implemented a stormwater capture system to take advantage of rainfall.

The award-winning culinary team also sources sustainable seafood for its restaurants and works closely with local and organic farmers to reduce carbon footprints and support local economies. The resort is home to orchards and gardens with 65 types of herbs and 20 fruit varieties that are featured across the resort’s menus, and the Inn’s composting program replenishes its soils to build a more sustainable food cycle.

Golf Course Optimizes Water Usage

Guest experiences highlight Ojai Valley Inn’s commitment to responsible hospitality, utilizing clean and organic products at Spa Ojai, engaging guests in activities such as an annual olive tree harvest, and a golf course that optimizes water usage and integrates existing natural landscapes in the course map.

“We are proud to be recognized in the first class of this landmark verification that further cements our commitment to sustainability at Ojai Valley Inn,” said Kate Morris, Director of Wellness and Sustainability. “We continually challenge ourselves to reduce our carbon footprint, and this is a testament to our team’s dedication to making the resort a leader in responsible hospitality.”

Responsible Hospitality covers topics such as food and water waste, sustainable amenities, recycling programs, energy usage, health security, integration with the local community and culture, and other touchpoints.

For a complete list of hotels and resorts that currently are Responsible Hospitality VERIFIED™ by Forbes Travel Guide, please visit forbestravelguide.com/collections/responsible-hospitality.