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Off Season Adventures Sponsors Solar-Powered Water Project in Tanzania


NEW YORK—Off Season Adventures, a sustainable tour operator, is teaming up with Tanzanian tour company, Dry to Green Adventure LTD, to raise money to build a year-round water source in Tanzania to supply drinking water for Kakoi and three other villages, two nearby schools, and a dispensary.

Kakoi Village has a natural water source during the rainy season, however, there is no feasible way to retain the water throughout the dry season, forcing the community to walk four to five miles to obtain water. Many companies have tried to help Kakoi build a dependable water supply, but without long-term success.

“Tourism should act as a vehicle of development, conservation, and growth, however, communities living just outside major tourist attractions are often not afforded the opportunity to grow economically from tourism,” said Tanner C. Knorr, owner and founder of Off Season Adventures. “We have personally seen this at Off Season Adventures in the village of Kakoi, so we are doing our part to begin reinvesting in this community outside Tarangire National Park.”

Water Storage Facility & More Planned

Off Season Adventures hopes to build the first, successful water source—a water storage facility, pumping, and piping infrastructure—through the Kakoi Water Project and to teach the village and their surrounding communities how to maintain it. They believe that tourism can benefit the destination and surrounding areas, causing local communities to welcome travelers, be better stewards of their land, and close the gap between tourism and economic development.

U.S. plumbers and engineers, in partner with local engineers, will first test soils and measure distances to ensure proper pumps, pipes, and solar panels are purchased, and repair existing, non-functioning equipment in Kakoi Village. Then, they will construct and lay a piping system to neighboring schools, villages, and dispensary; and finally, build up and increase the water storage capacity at Kakoi. The equipment will last a minimum of 10 years with minimal maintenance.

Those who are interested in contributing and donating to this impactful project can learn more about it on this website and donate here. A donation as small as $2.25 can bring a year-round supply of water to one person.

There will also be a sweepstakes to win an 11-day adventure of a lifetime in Tanzania. Donations are not entries and there is no purchase necessary to enter the sweepstakes.