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Nuvola Launches Preventive Maintenance & Asset Management System


MIAMI—Nuvola, a hotel optimization and guest engagement software company, announced the release of its newest intelligence tool, Preventive Maintenance & Asset Management. The latest addition to Nuvola’s suite of intuitive hospitality-specific solutions creates a new avenue for both monitoring the status of assets, in addition to scheduling, assigning, and closing work orders in a user-friendly digital format.

“Our mission is to continue modernizing hotel operations by looking for new ways to maximize efficiency and ultimately reduce costs for hotels around the world,” said Juan Carlos Abello, Nuvola CEO. “Our Preventive Maintenance & Asset Management product is the next step in changing the way hotels operate by offering a smart solution that is easy to incorporate into existing standard operating procedures and will have a major impact on the end result.”

The engineering and maintenance focused solution introduces the use of QR codes with unique labels for every asset to further streamline the process of gathering vital information in real time, directly on an employee’s smartphone or tablet device. With the simple scan of a QR code, or existing asset barcode, hotel engineers can obtain asset maintenance procedures, work history, specific information like warranty expiration dates, and configure a customizable preventive maintenance scheduling system.

Universal Access to Trackable Information

“The QR code allows for mobility without losing access to information when it is needed,” continued Abello. “Communication is critical for productivity and that’s exactly what we’re offering—universal access to information that is trackable.”

The solution can be managed through Nuvola’s desktop and mobile staff-facing app, allowing employees to initiate work orders remotely. Additionally, it can be configured for automated alerts of recurring issues, provide comprehensive maintenance focused reports, and ultimately will show patterns of faulty assets, leading to less expensive repairs.

Developed to complement Nuvola’s more comprehensive optimization system, the Preventive Maintenance & Asset Management module can be purchased and integrated with other Nuvola products, or as a stand-alone system that can be incorporated into existing programs. For more information, e-mail sales@mynuvola.com or visit www.mynuvola.com/services to learn about the new maintenance solution, and the additional tools Nuvola offers the hospitality industry.