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NRA’s Sustainability Executive Study Group to Meet October 18 to 19


The National Restaurant Assn. (NRA) has 11 Executive Study Groups. One is focused on Supply Chain Management. Another’s focus is nutrition. The Sustainability Executive Study Group will be meeting at the NRA’s Washington, D.C. office from October 18 to 19. The fee is $299 for NRA members and $499 for non-members. The meeting will kick off with a reception on the 18th. On the 19th, Arlin Wasserman, Founder and Partner, Changing Tastes, will speak on Trends in Food and Restaurant Sustainability. In a session entitled, “How Energy and Water are Shaping the Environmental Landscape,” Richard Young, Director of Education, Food Service Technology Center, will offer tips on how to nudge employee compliance, and Frank Inoa, Senior Director, Operations Engineering, Arby’s Restaurant Group, will discuss Arby’s $20 million energy-saving program.

Andrew Shakman, President and CEO, LeanPath, Inc., Frank Franciosi, Executive Director, U.S. Composting Council, and Carrie Calvert, Director, Tax and Commodity Policy, Feeding America, will discuss how to reduce food waste and boost bottom lines. Lunch speakers will include: Pete Pearson, Director, Food Waste, World Wildlife Fund; and Regina Northouse, Executive Director, Food Recovery Network. In the first afternoon session, “Animal Welfare in the Restaurant Industry” will be the topic. Speakers will include: Kristine Young, Manager, Sustainability, Darden Restaurants; Megan Bloomer, Director, Sustainability, The Cheesecake Factory; Darren Vanstone, Corporate Engagement Manager, North America, World Animal Protection; and Christine Daugherty, Vice President, Sustainable Food Production, Tyson Foods.

A mid-afternoon session will focus on supply chain and sustainable sourcing and will include the following speakers: Kathleen Weaver, Supply Chain Sustainability Manager, PRO*ACT; Lynn M. Dyer, President, Foodservice Packaging Institute; and Richard Rosen, Senior Director, Supply Management, Proteins, Sodexo. The final afternoon session, “Selling Your Sustainability Story: Marketing Your Efforts to Customers,” will be led by Shelley Balanko, Senior Vice President, Hartman Group.

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