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NEWH Launches Martha’s Mentor Program


SHEWANO, WIS.—NEWH announced the launch of the Martha’s Mentor Program, a transformative, 10-month initiative designed to connect aspiring professionals in the hospitality industry with experienced industry role models. This program aims to empower mentees and support their journey towards achieving success and leadership positions within the hospitality sector.

The program is named in memory of Martha Tillim, esteemed industry veteran and mentor to many who served on the board of the Washington D.C. chapter. This mentor project exemplifies NEWH’s commitment to fostering professional growth and elevating peers in the industry. By pairing mentees with highly accomplished mentors, the program seeks to provide guidance, support, and valuable insights into the diverse facets of the hospitality industry.

“Martha was my dear friend, one of my first advisors when I started my career, and a generous and caring person who was a natural mentor to me,” said Stacy Garcia, owner of Lebatex and CEO & Chief Inspiration Officer, Stacy Garcia Inc. “I was inspired to create the Martha’s Mentor Program with NEWH in Martha’s memory to create a legacy of handing down knowledge to the next generation of hospitality leaders. I believe that through a formal mentoring program, we can help facilitate lasting relationships that elevate both the mentors and mentees involved in the program.”

Commitment to Regular Monthly Meetings

The “Martha’s Mentor Program” offers an exceptional opportunity for people that are early in their careers in the hospitality field to receive personalized guidance from seasoned professionals who have excelled in their occupation. Through regular monthly meetings, mentorship pairs will establish a strong foundation for growth and development, focusing on areas such as career advancement, leadership skills, industry knowledge, and networking.

“We believe in the power of mentorship and its ability to inspire and empower others to reach new heights in their professional journeys,” said Chris Tucker, President of NEWH. The Martha’s Mentor Program will create meaningful connections and provide invaluable support to mentees as they navigate their careers in the dynamic hospitality industry.”

NEWH invites aspiring professionals in the hospitality sector to apply as mentees to become part of the program. Eligible mentees must be active members of NEWH and be working in their field for under five years. They will be selected based on their dedication, drive, and potential for growth. Simultaneously, the organization is reaching out to industry leaders and experienced professionals who are passionate about making a difference and are interested in serving as mentors.

This initiative aims to foster individual growth and seeks to establish a vibrant and supportive community within the hospitality industry. By connecting the wisdom of experienced professionals with the aspirations of emerging talents, the “Martha’s Mentor Program” strives to create a more inclusive and empowered future for those entering the industry.

To learn more about the Martha’s Mentor Program and how to get involved, visit www.NEWH.org/mentor or contact Stacy Garcia at Stacy@StacyGarcia.com.