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New Sofidel Business Line Features Plastic-free Packaging


HORSHAM, PENN.—Sofidel, a leading global provider of paper for hygienic and domestic use, has released its new line of Papernet solutions, Papernet Designed for Business, available for order via Amazon. The range features hygiene essentials—including paper towels, toilet paper and kitchen towels—designed, packaged and sold specifically for businesses of all sizes in plastic-free packaging to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment.

“Businesses such as restaurants and retailers must consider ways to enhance the customer experience in order to secure loyalty and encourage repeat visits and positive word of mouth,” said Fabio Vitali, Vice President of Marketing, Sofidel. “Cleanliness plays an important role in impressing customers. These solutions empower businesses large and small to maintain hygienic environments while meeting their sustainability goals.”

The Papernet Designed for Business line consists of seven products, all of which utilize plastic-free packaging to reduce plastic waste generation. These include Heavenly Soft kitchen towels and bath tissue, as well as multifold and hardwound paper towel options made with Papernet’s Dissolve Tech technology, which helps avoid toilet clogs if the towels are flushed. Five of the seven products are made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, affirming responsible and ethical management of the forests involved in production.

The center-pull paper towels are also made from FSC certified fiber and are powered by Dry Tech technology, made with New Tissue Technology (NTT) which provides more strength and absorption compared to conventional paper. Rounding out the new line are a single roll bath tissue and a jumbo roll bath tissue that deliver premium softness with FSC certified fiber.

“This diverse range of solutions will enhance business operations and help them meet heightened standards of hygiene and sustainability,” said Giorgia Giove, Marketing Manager, Sofidel.

For more information, visit the Papernet Amazon page.