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New Revolution Dailygood Trash Bags Made from Recycled Plastic Resin


LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS—Revolution, the company dedicated to creating and championing sustainable loop solutions that preserve the environment and empower everyone to contribute to a more sustainable future, announced the launch of Dailygood Bags, eco-friendly heavy duty trash bags made for everyday use. Dailygood trash bags are a more sustainable solution because they are made with as much as 97 percent post-consumer recycled plastic resin (PCR), resulting in lower environmental impacts compared to trash bags made without recycled content.

The average American family creates 18 pounds of trash daily, and 100 billion bags made from virgin plastic are tossed out and headed for landfills every single day. To create Dailygood bags, Revolution collects and recycles post-consumer plastic from sources including U.S. farms to create the most durable, eco-friendly, commercial-strength trash bags.

Replacing existing trash bags for eco-friendly Dailygood bags eliminates all virgin plastic from the equation, providing consumers with an easy way to help the environment, one bag at a time. The extra strong/maximum performance bags are made via Revolution’s proprietary Sustainable Loop business model that helps to keep local communities and businesses free of plastic waste that would otherwise be buried or sent to landfills.

Dailygood bags, which come in two bag sizes (13-gallon tall kitchen drawstring and 30-gallon large drawstring) are available in a variety of pack sizes at dailygoodbags.com and Amazon.com for $10 to $20 per pack. Subscription options and bundled sets are now available to have the trash bags delivered to the customer’s doorstep right when they need them, so users never have to worry about buying bags again. To sign up for Dailygood’s subscription service, visit dailygoodbags.com/subscriptions.

Convenient Drawstring Closure

The bags are tested to hold up to 90 pounds. The convenient drawstring closure allows for easier removal and disposal and ensures a better fit on standard trash can sizes.

The products, made in America at local Revolution facilities, have received third-party certification by SCS Global Services, verifying the quality and consistency of the recycled materials. Revolution also had SCS conduct an independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to measure the specific environmental impact of the bags.

Production and use of Revolution’s Dailygood trash bags made with at least 70 percent post-consumer recycled content result in lower environmental impacts across the board when compared to trash bags made without recycled content, including:

  • 53 percent less depletion of non-renewable energy resources/fossil fuels such as crude oil.
  • Global climate change emissions lowered by 37 percent.
  • Decreased human exposure to ground level ozone and fine particulate matter such as smog (31 percent reduction) and soot (50 percent reduction).
  • Reduces impacts to regional acidification (12 percent reduction), ocean warming (31 percent reduction) and ocean acidification (51 percent reduction).

Revolution has multiple recycling facilities where the plastic is transported, sorted, processed, recycled, and turned into its certified PCR resin, which is then used to manufacture new plastic film products including Dailygood Bags. The vertically integrated process allows the company to ensure the quality of its PCR and its trash bags since it knows where the plastic comes from and can manage the entire plastics life cycle, responsibly and efficiently. The company’s fleet of collection vehicles and proprietary Push for Pick Up mobile app allows it to locate used plastic film, much of it its own products, to ensure Revolution can efficiently collect the material once it’s been used.