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New NRGCUBE Induction Heating System Replaces Canned Fuel


RENO, NEV.—NRGCUBE’s new mobile, rechargeable power supply and induction heating system is set to bring 100 percent regenerative energy to the food service industry. Safe, mobile, consistent and most of all economical, NRGCUBE replaces the ancient practice of using canned fuel that is the current standard. Canned fuel is not safe as it uses an open flame. Unlike NRGCUBE, canned fuel is not thermostatically controlled leading to overheating and scorching of food and scariest of all fire danger. Thermostatic control allows the chefs and stewards to control the temperature and therefor the food quality being served.

Costing less than 20 percent of that of canned fuel over the life of the power supply, NRGCUBE provides 6 hours of temperature controlled hot food holding using the included induction heaters for chafing dishes, and 3+ hours of holding in mobile banquet carts, hot holding cabinets and refrigerated cabinets. NRGCUBE has a useful life of 10,000 uses. Each use replaces 4 cans of 6-hour canned fuel. That’s 40,000 cans of 6-hour fuel, not to mention the wasteful by-product canned fuel leaves behind. NRGCUBE’s mobility makes it easy to use as it is wheeled into place under the banquet table before the event and wheeled to a wall outlet to be charged after the event. Canned fuel requires you to purchase it, inventory it, ignite it, snuff it out, crush the cartons, crush the cans and it all winds up in a landfill.

Founder Steve Barta expects NRGCUBE to be a game changer. “We couldn’t be more excited about bringing this new technology to market. Not only is it safer for guests and the environment, it saves money. The foodservice industry needs the technology that is NRGCUBE and NRGCUBE is the future,” says Barta.

For more information or to schedule a NRGCUBE demonstration, visit nrgcubes.com.