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New Meliponario Helps Preserve the Maya Melipona Bee at Grand Velas Riviera Maya


RIVIERA MAYA, MEXICO—The AAA Five Diamond Grand Velas Riviera Maya recently debuted a new bee sanctuary, the Meliponario, to protect the local Maya Melipona Bee. In addition to preserving the species and facilitating their honey production, the resort now offers an experience for guests to learn more about the species with a new eco-tour and honey tasting.

For centuries, the Yucatan Peninsula has been home to many native Melipona stingless bees. Considered by the Mayans as sacred, the Melipona bee uniquely harvests the blooms of plants with medicinal properties. Inspired by the pre-Hispanic beekeeping tradition, Grand Velas Riviera Maya rescues and homes the native stingless bees.

The new eco-tour begins with a visit to the hotel’s organic orchard to learn about the pollination process and the importance of the Melipona bees. Chef Nahum Velasco of the hotel’s highly regarded Cocina de Autor restaurant then leads guests through a honey tasting with samples from different parts of the country. The honey and cheese are served alongside Velasco’s homemade mead. To commemorate the entire experience, guests are given a take-home bee alebrije and activity book for kids to continue learning about the Melipona bees long after their stay at Grand Velas Riviera Maya. The eco-tour takes place at the resort every Wednesday and is included in guests’ stay at the resort.

For additional information on Grand Velas Riviera Maya, visit https://rivieramaya.grandvelas.com.