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New E-Series Washer-Extractors Deliver Lower Operational Costs


OSHKOSH, WISC.—Continental Girbau Inc.’s E-Series Washer-Extractors—in 40-, 30- and 20-pound capacities—deliver energy efficiency, high-speed extract, an easy-to-install, freestanding design, and the ultimate in programmability to hotels looking to employ green practices while decreasing operating expenses. With the introduction of E-Series, Continental expands its soft-mount washer-extractor offering to include high-performance models in 20-, 30-, 40-, 55-, 90-, 130- and 255-pound capacities.

Continental’s E-Series Washer-Extractors are engineered to use less water than most frontload and topload washers on the market, thanks to exclusive features and a sump-less design. The Energy Star-qualified 20-pound capacity model uses up to 57 percent less water per load than most domestic toploads. E-Series Aquafall system enhances efficiency by releasing water from above and below inside the washer drum. This ensures superior load saturation, chemical penetration and rinsing using less water. The Aquamixer system further minimizes water consumption by mixing hot and cold water to achieve very precise bath temperatures—eliminating wasted hot water and energy. The E-Series produces extract speeds of up to 354-G force—about 250 G-force more than most traditional hard-mount washers.

“By replacing hard-mount machines with E-Series washers, hotels can expect to cut dry time per load by as much as 40 percent—significantly improving laundry productivity and using less energy and space,” says Joel Jorgensen, Continental Girbau vice president of sales and customer services. “And, because it takes less time to complete the laundry, hotels save markedly on labor and overtime.”

Rapid Machine Installation

As freestanding machines, the E-Series can be installed without bolts and reinforced concrete foundations, allowing for quick installation and same-day operation. This also makes relocation a breeze, leaving zero impact on the facility. Moreover, the E-Series runs using single-phase power—a very low amperage demand—making them easy and less costly to install and operate. But it’s E-Series’ programmability that is the key to efficiently cleaning towels, linens, tablecloths, napkins, bath mats, comforters, mop heads and more.

“With more and more hotels and resorts investing in luxury towels, sheets, comforters and duvet covers, the control programmability is critical to caring for them properly and extending linen life,” Jorgensen says.

There are two microprocessor control options with E-Series—the Logic and Intelligent—which deliver programmability over every variable of the wash process. The Logic Control (Logi) offers eight programs that can be individually modified for maximum efficiency given the load type. The Intelligent Control (Inteli) delivers even more flexibility with 20 pre-programmed cycles and up to 79 individually modifiable cycles than give hotel laundries complete control of every conditional aspect of the wash process.

Featuring an LCD display with easy-to-understand icons that indicate cycle and programming status, the control can be programmed manually or using a memory card. Optional overnight soak and delayed start are also standard features. E-Series Washers can also support automatic liquid chemical (detergent) injection—ensuring a consistent clean with every wash and eliminating fabric damage by chemical overuse.

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