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New Company Aims to Reduce ‘Behavioral’ Shower Waste


I often hear from entrepreneurs in the process of developing new products for hotels. One such person, Greg Floyd, contacted me yesterday in regard to Abstract Engineering LLC’s latest venture—a Shower Stream attachment for guestroom showerheads.

What does the Shower Stream attachment do? Typically, your guests, after they turn on the shower, will step out of the shower and let the water run for a period of time until it is hot enough. This is what is considered “behavioral waste”. Water is wasted and energy as well. The Shower Stream is a motion-activated shower head adapter that Abstract Engineering says will save hotels water, energy and money on their utility bills every month and proves the savings with a software analytics dashboard. Shower Stream is simply screwed on behind an existing shower head. The device lets cold water flow out when the shower is first turned on. Once the water coming out of the shower reaches a steady state—a temperature of comfort to the guest—the valve shuts off the flow. Keep in mind that at this point the guest is still not in the shower. Once the user returns to use the shower, their presence is automatically detected by a sensor and the shower flow resumes.

This device helps eliminate the problem of shower warm-up waste without disturbing the bather’s shower experience. Further, the utility savings returned to the customer more than pay for the cost of the device itself. “Our customers can expect at least a 400 percent ROI over the five year life of the device,” Floyd says. “In addition, our solution can be used in parallel with existing shower conservation systems. The Shower Stream device is connected to the cloud via IoT technology and records valuable shower behavior data for hotel owners including exactly how much money our device saved them on their utility bill each month. Greg is looking for hoteliers who would be willing to test his product in a select number of guestrooms. The Shower Stream device is currently in the development and testing phase and is not being sold to hotels. Greg can be reached at (713) 876-7726 or by e-mail at greg.floyd@showerstream.net.