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New Award Added to CTO Sustainable Tourism Conference


BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS—The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has added a new category to its sustainable tourism awards program which it organizes in collaboration with TravelMole, the online community for the travel and tourism industry.

This year, CTO member destinations can submit their projects and programs for consideration for the Destination Stewardship Award. It is one of six to be presented at the 14th annual CTO Sustainable Tourism Conference (STC-14) being held in Trinidad and Tobago from April 15 to 18.

The Destination Stewardship Award is presented to a member destination that is making solid strides towards sustainable tourism management at the destination level through a number of integrated initiatives and programs. They must demonstrate improved sustainable tourism planning, widespread adoption of good practices, multi-stakeholder engagement, the preservation of cultural heritage and protection the environment, among other successes.

“We decided to introduce this award to highlight and recognize the need for a more holistic approach to sustainable destination management,” said Gail Henry, CTO’s sustainable tourism product specialist.

Multi-stakeholder Approach Needed

This approach requires a range of tourism stakeholders—the public sector, private sector and non-government organizations—to collaborate towards sustainability of the destination, she said.

“There are many positive examples of this approach globally from which the Caribbean can learn, but we’d also like to celebrate successful Caribbean efforts towards building sustainable destinations,” Henry added.

In addition to the Destination Stewardship Award, the CTO will present the Sustainable Accommodation Award, Community Award, Heritage Protection Award and Biodiversity Award, as well as the marquis Caribbean Excellence in Sustainable Tourism Award. The deadline for the receipt of nominations is March 1, 2013.

These CTO-TravelMole annual Sustainable Tourism Awards are aimed at identifying and showcasing sustainable tourism good practices in the Caribbean. The awards recognize individuals, groups, organizations or companies in any of the CTO member countries which have developed unique and attractive tourism products or are engaged in implementing sustainable tourism-related initiatives which embrace sustainable tourism concepts and core values. For further details on the CTO/TravelMole Sustainable Tourism Awards, including registration forms and how to participate, visit www.caribbeanstc.com.