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Net Zero Hotels Made Easy with Modular Engineering, Tesla Solar Technology


MURRIETA, CALIF.—The pieces to put together a net zero hotel are here and ready to go—and at a cost less than typical hotel construction. So says S2A Modular, a Murrieta, Calif.-based company specializing in electrically self-sustaining, custom luxury homes and commercial buildings such as hotels. S2A Modular combines modular construction techniques with Tesla solar panels and Powerwalls (Powerpacks for larger buildings such as hotels) to create structures that get by without electricity provided by a utility. In fact, S2A buildings are built to provide surplus energy to the local utility when possible, creating “surplus energy income” for the building owner.

John Rowland, Co-founder and President of S2A Modular, says his company was launched within the last year and it has put together a team of individuals with significant modular construction, design and engineering experience. Rowland says his team had been specializing in Tesla technology previously and built the second off-grid home in North America.

S2A is currently building an 80-room hotel in northern California. The Tesla technology is very scalable, Rowland says, with no restriction on hotel size. “We can very easily scale the battery,” he says.

100,000+ Square Foot S2A MegaFactory

S2A is in the process of building a factory in California. “It is about 50 percent done,” Rowland says. “We expect to have it up and running in summer 2019.”

S2A Modular hotels can be built not just in California but anywhere in the United States. “We can facilitate orders with other factories we work with,” he says. “They will build to our specifications.”

Rowland says the homes and hotels his company is building incorporate smart technology to help minimize energy consumption.

Cost is always a factor when building hotels, but Rowland says developers can cut 8 percent to 10 percent over traditional construction by using the methods engineered by S2A Modular. “A lot of that comes from the time savings,” he says.

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