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Native American Inspired Bluff Dwellings Resort & Spa Celebrates Grand Opening


BLUFF, UTAH—Bluff Dwellings Resort & Spa held its official grand opening earlier this month with a reception, Diné dedication, Native American performances, and ribbon cutting ceremony. Special guests in attendance included Ann Leppanen, Mayor of Bluff, David Filfred, Navajo Medicine Man, Jared Berrett, President & CEO of Bluff Dwellings, and Dallin Tait, GM Bluff Dwellings Resort and WILD Expeditions.

Lance Syrett, Board Chair and Vicky Verena, Director of the Utah Office of Tourism “loved” the property when holding a recent Board of Tourism meeting there. Verena exclaimed that “the property is exactly what the Utah Office of Tourism was promoting—helping visitors find quality experiences in rural communities to alleviate the strain on over used parks.” She was excited to find such accommodations nestled in the pristine backcountry of Utah, making the visit to this wilderness area much more enjoyable.

Conveniently located on Highway 191, less than two hours south of Moab, Utah, Bluff Dwellings Resort & Spa is a new Native American-inspired luxury lodging property. The four elements (earth, wind, fire, and water) are meticulously present throughout the village which emerges among the towering red rock cliffs. Pueblos, Dwellings, and Teepees make up the 57-room resort. The design represents a timeline of Native American habitation from the Nomadic Natives of the past, to the Ancestral Puebloans whose archeological remains have received so much media attention in the creation of the Bears Ears National Monument.

“Bluff Dwellings Resort is about being true to the landscape, the indigenous people, and the surrounding wilderness,” explains Jared Berrett, President & CEO, Bluff Dwellings Resort. “Designing, building, and operating the 13-acre cliff-bound property is a true labor of love. We want to share our passion with visitors, so they experience nature in a unique way with uncompromising amenities and guest experiences.”