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NanoSeptic Sleeves Turn Door Handles into Self-Cleaning Touchpoints


FOREST, VA.—NanoTouch Materials, the leader in self-cleaning surfaces for facilities, healthcare and travel, has just released their new NanoSeptic continuously self-cleaning sleeves for door handles. These types of door handles are mandated for interior doors in most commercial and public facilities as part of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

NanoSeptic peel-and-stick skins have been a staple in self-cleaning surfaces for facilities, turning push bars, pull handles and other high traffic touch points into continuously self-cleaning surfaces. Now, with the new sleeves, the number of touch points in a facility that can be self-cleaning has been greatly expanded.

“The NanoSeptic skins have done a great job turning many of our door handles into continuously self-cleaning touchpoints,” says Dr. John Patterson, Superintendent of LCA, the largest private school in Virginia. “With the new slip-on sleeves, we’re now able to cover all of our internal door handles, tripling the number of high-traffic touchpoints that are self-cleaning in our facility.”

Oxidation Reaction Stronger Than Bleach

NanoSeptic self-cleaning surfaces use material science and a mineral nanocrystal which is powered by any visible light, creating an oxidation reaction stronger than bleach. This oxidation reaction completely breaks down any organic contaminants deposited on the surface, working 24/7 to create cleaner high traffic touch points. And unlike traditional disinfectants and cleaners which rely on harsh chemicals, toxins and heavy metals, nothing is released from the NanoSeptic surface, relying on technology rather than toxins.

“The reality is that touchpoints, especially door handles, become contaminated right after cleaning,” says Jess Baidwan MESCE, Division Head Environmental Services for the Southern Ute Tribe and I.C.E (ISSA Certification Expert). “The next touch, sneeze or toilet flush deposits contaminants that can actually multiply over time. These Nanoseptic sleeves work continuously, in between routine cleanings, greatly increasing the cleanliness of the door handles our employees and Tribal Members touch.”

“Our products use some really cool technology,” says NanoTouch Co-Founder Dennis Hackemeyer. “But we learned through research that people don’t buy these products because of what they do, they buy them because of how it makes their employees and customers feel. This is why we’ve made our products visible and designed them so they communicate what they do.”

Many Identify as Germaphobes

Research has shown that everyone from travelers to patients to employees is concerned with cleanliness and hygiene in public facilities. In fact, in a recent study commissioned by NanoTouch, 35 percent of participants were self-identified germaphobes. This is good news for facility managers, commercial cleaners and environmental services teams since products that alleviate these consumer fears generate real value for the businesses and facilities that use them.

“The soft silicone sleeves are a breeze to install, and the blue tint provides a visible indication of which handles are self-cleaning,” says Shawn Crawford, CEO of CVFP Medical Group. “This gives our employees and patients a sense of safety and security because they can actually see the cleaner places to touch, and that helps to improve patient experience.”

NanoSeptic products are positively disrupting multiple industries by getting businesses to look at cleanliness differently. Research has shown that consumers already assume that touchpoints in the doctor’s office, hotel or office building are dirty. Creating visible indications that cleanliness is a priority positively affects perception of a facility and the associated business. In fact, making clean visible creates a “halo effect”, where people who see a self-cleaning surface will then assume the rest of the facility is cleaner.

“We’ve increased our budget for self-cleaning surfaces for good reason,” says Jim Mercadante, General Manager of Cintas in Bedford, Va. “Now we can cover all those interior door handles which weren’t a good fit for the NanoSeptic skins. This is another big step towards having a self-cleaning facility, and a benefit that our employees and guests appreciate.”