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My Green Mind Introduces Latest Line of Cleaning Products


PROVIDENCE, R.I.—The My Green Mind company has introduced its next generation line of eco-friendly cleaning products. Four new My Green Mind solutions cover most cleaning needs, leaving out what eco-conscious consumers don’t want: petroleum-based chemical toxins.

The four new products include a glass and Plexiglas cleaner, a soy-based granite and stainless steel cleaner, a mineral zap tile, bowel and shower cleaner—which removes iron, rust, soap scum and mineral buildup—along with a 100 percent active bacteria carpet spotter for stains.

“What’s important about the new line is what’s been left out,” said My Green Mind president Michael Grossman. “Take the glass cleaner. It does not contain VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds—gases or vapors with short- and long-term adverse health effects). It has no alcohol, no ammonia, no glycol ether and no solvents. These chemicals are typically found in non-green ‘off the shelf’ products.”

Troubling Indoor Air Quality

Grossman says the staggering facts about chemicals prompted his company to respond to a need. Studies have shown most homes have higher chemical pollution readings than outside air, even in densely polluted cities.

The new green cleaner product line earned the DFE (EPA Design for the Environment) logo—also known as the Ecologo—for safe, eco-friendly certification.

“Each cleaning product reduces or eliminates the levels of the toxins eco-conscious consumers want to avoid,” Grossman said, “and each cleans at least as well as their non-green brand equivalents. If two products do a good cleaning job, but only one is eco-friendly, to me the choice is obvious. That’s especially true when consumers see that the My Green Mind line sells for less than most non-green, name brand cleaners.”

My Green Mind sells a range of eco-friendly products including air and water purifiers, electronic peripherals that reduce electrical “vampire” waste, biodegradable trash bags, compost, kitchen and pet waste bags, and more.

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