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Mural Work by Local Artists Featured at NU Hotel Brooklyn


BROOKLYN, N.Y.—Now more than ever, when you check into NU Hotel Brooklyn, you stand a very good chance to land a guestroom that features a locally-inspired mural painted by a Brooklyn artist, as the hotel now has a total of 15 guestrooms outfitted in NU Perspectives, a program which brings local Brooklyn artists into the guestrooms and allows them to use the walls as their canvas.

“What started as a side project has really transformed the character and personality of our guestrooms,” said Independent Collection Area General Manager Javier Egipciaco. “It’s an honor to showcase the unique work of such talented local artists at NU Hotel Brooklyn and such a tangible way to bring both the neighborhood and local art into our rooms.”

The 93-room boutique hotel began the NU Perspectives Project in 2012 when three local artists were invited to use the guestroom walls as their canvas to paint floor to ceiling murals. Since then, artists have contacted the hotel, keen to create a room of their own. Now, the recently renovated hotel has a total of 15 guestrooms displaying full walls of original works of art. The four latest rooms are by local Brooklyn artists Saroj Patel, Natalie Lomeli, Laura Hollick and Michael Sorgatz.

Open House Held in November

To celebrate the unveiling of the latest four murals, NU Hotel hosted an open house last month. Attendees of the event were able to tour and view the four latest NU Perspective rooms:

•        Saroj Patel (Room 403): Covered in layers of bright flora and fauna, the illustrative style of this room gives it a vibrant and energetic feel.
•        Natalie Lomeli (Room 406): The cool gradients in greens, blues, and purples create a soothing, but dynamic vibe to this room, which features two large abstract murals, each with their own hints of photo-realist jewelry and decor.
•        Laura Hollick (Room 207): With two large trees that reach to the very top of the ceiling, this room brings the outdoors indoors. A large red bird flies through the sky, creating an earthy environment for guests to rest their heads.
•        Michael Sorgatz (Room 404) : Featuring various abstracted mixed media paintings on panel and wood with different views of Brooklyn and its bridges, these sculptural paintings sit about 3 inches off the wall and add a feeling of urban creativity.

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