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MPI Unveils Upgrades to Sustainable Event Measurement Tool


DALLAS—MPI and MPI Foundation announced a substantial upgrade of its Sustainable Event Measurement Tool (SEMT) now residing on the evolution Platform. The enhanced functionality of SEMT 2.0 will help meetings and events professionals save money, reduce resources and elevate their sustainability credentials.

The tool provides unique measurement capabilities that allow planners and suppliers to track—and take steps to reduce—their environmental impact. It also answers the hospitality industry’s demands for a common disclosure platform and aligned reporting.

“SEMT 2.0 is the painkiller for sustainability headaches,” says Bruce MacMillan, MPI president and CEO. “We’ve developed something that’s never been done before, a rigorous measurement and management tool that is smart, flexible and adaptable for the meeting and event industry.”

Tool Developed by Triple Bottom Line Alliance

The overhauled tool, developed by the Triple Bottom Line Alliance for MPI, enables planners and suppliers to tailor the system to their individual requirements and scale.

For planners, the free tool is a roadmap to organizing a sustainable meeting. It is adaptable to both sophisticated users as well as those just beginning to green their operations. Post-event data tracking capabilities support audit and compliance, and allow user groups to network and learn from each other in an enhanced online learning suite.

For suppliers, SEMT 2.0 is an environmental data management tool that addresses multiple needs and constituencies beyond the meetings industry. At the same time, it eliminates the need for suppliers to build their own environmental data management tool. Participation in SEMT 2.0 also demonstrates their commitment to sustainability to potential clients, stakeholders and investors.

Free Access Until October 31

The tool is free for MPI planners. Non-members and MPI suppliers have complimentary access to the tool until October 31, 2012.

A recent survey of SEMT users underscored the urgency of monitoring meetings and events activity. In a one-year period, planners and suppliers used 7.7 billion liters of water, 6.6 metric tons of C02 and traveled 2 billion kilometers.

Among the enhancements in SEMT 2.0, users will have access to the most comprehensive set of CO2e databases in the world, totaling 150 countries, and will adopt the methodology approved and delivered by the International Tourism Partnership and the World Travel & Tourism Council Carbon Measurement Working Group.

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