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More Than 500 Properties Now Listed on VeggieHotels Site


BERLIN—More than 500 hotels and B&Bs that serve exclusively vegetarian or vegan food are now listed on the VeggieHotels web portal. VeggieHotels makes it easy to find purely vegetarian hotels, guest houses and conference centers. Over 500 accommodations in 60 countries with purely vegetarian kitchens are already listed. From the simple guest house to the five star hotel, the whole range of the hotel business is represented.

More and more people are choosing the health related, ecological and ethical advantages of a vegetarian or vegan life style. Millions of vegetarian and vegan tourists constitute a significant target group and VeggieHotels offers them an easy way to find their ideal holiday destination. The criteria for a VeggieHotel are clear and simple. Neither fish nor meat is served. Many of the purely vegetarian hotels and guest houses also offer organic food and accommodate specific diets, such as vegan and raw food diets. More than 60 accommodations are purely vegan.

For the first time a hotel corporation has chosen the topic “a climate-friendly, ethical and ecological diet” as the focus of their brand. In doing so, VeggieHotels addresses the growing target audience of people who lead vegetarian/vegan lifestyles.

Thomas Klein, CEO, predicts a strong growth of the vegetarian industry: “As the ecological and health disadvantages of a meat-based diet become more and more obvious, a clear trend-shift towards a vegetarian and vegan diet is observable—this will increasingly influence the culinary repertoire of the hotel cuisines. The step to a purely vegetarian offer is a reasonable alternative in the direction to a sustainable, ethical and health-conscious hotel industry.”

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