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Momentum Launches Pindrop, a Range of Rigid Acoustic Solutions

Momentum’s Pindrop etched Zag and printed Zig tiles installed

IRVINE, CALIF.—Known for their award-winning textiles and wallcoverings, Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering is advancing its commitment to providing the commercial design industry with smart, sustainable solutions through the introduction of Pindrop—a dedicated acoustics line featuring rigid solutions of all scales. The initial three collections launching within the Pindrop range include shapes and tiles, architectural layers, and larger scale panels, all of which are Red List Free and manufactured entirely of recycled PET.

These hyper functional solutions offer designers and specifiers a new repertoire from Momentum to create calm, engaging and sound-conscious spaces across commercial, hospitality, workplace, and healthcare environments. While the brand has offered rolled high-quality acoustics products for many years—and continues to build out these offerings—Pindrop completes Momentum’s holistic acoustic product range with engaging designs to enhance interior auditory experiences.

“With the introduction of Pindrop, we bring to market our industry-leading expertise in sustainable solutions for commercial design in an entirely new category,” says Paul Cleary, President and CEO of Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering. “Rigid acoustics have increasingly become an integral part of so many public-facing interior spaces as the application of these solutions meaningfully affect experience and function. With the introduction of Pindrop, Momentum becomes a one-stop source for designers to specify sustainable solutions for wallcovering, interior upholstery, exterior upholstery, and acoustics of all types.”

Rich Offering of Patterns, Textures, Colors & Finishes

Three diverse collections anchor Pindrop: Shapes & Tiles, Panels and Architectural Layers. Within these ranges, Momentum devised a rich offering of patterns, textures, colors and finishes to complement one another across the full suite of designs—12 solid colors, 3 textured patterns in 6 colorways, 3 large-scale etch patterns and 3 large-scale print patterns, also available in 6 colorways respectively.

“When designing Pindrop, our goal was to curate a collection of versatile solutions leading with our expertise in texture, color and sustainability,” explains Momentum’s Vice President of Design, Wallcovering Jill Nelson. “Each collection and colorway have been designed to work individually or as a full product family, in complement to each other to help designers in seamless specification.”

The options available in the Pindrop collection include:

Shapes & Tiles—Available in Square, Rectangle, Hexified, Petal, Tuxedo and 24×24 Tiles, Pindrop Shapes & Tiles offer artful building blocks from which endless installation arrangements are possible. These shapes and tiles are designed to be mixed and matched or installed in repeat, allowing for the combination of interlocking forms with color, pattern depth and texture. The shapes and tiles are available in the Pindrop collection’s 12 standard colors as well as texture prints—Zuri, Clara Silk, and Milinet. The Petal, Hexified and Tuxedo shapes incorporate a half-inch offset in their installation which creates an eye-catching three-dimensional effect.

Panels—Momentum’s Pindrop Panels are available in standard sizes 48”x118” or 48”x120” and can be easily cut-down or made-to-measure based on project installation to ensure a perfect fit. With the ability to be mixed and matched or installed singularly, the panels come in the Pindrop collection’s three texture patterns—Zuri, Clara Silk and Milinet, and statement patterns either etched, offered in 12 standard colors, or printed in 6 different colorways. The etched patterns include Crosscut, Zag and Circ with complimentary companions in the printed options: Cross the Line, Zig Ombre and Circlet.

Architectural Layers—Designed to offer architectural intrigue, the Architectural Layers range in the Pindrop collection include Bengal, Cabana, Weatherboard and Weatherboard Wave designs. Available in light and dark wood-inspired print or solid colors, these layers can be installed vertically or horizontally to create an architectural element that offers an auditory dampening in high-sound interiors. The Bengal and Cabana designs are defined by differing widths of straight panels whereas the Weatherboard and Weatherboard Wave designs are defined by straight or scalloped singular slats that can be installed in a variety of formats.

Finishes & Colors—Across Pindrop, designers and specifiers have the choice of 12 solid colorways, 3 texture patterns each available in 6 specific colorways, 3 large-scale etch patterns and 3 large-scale print patterns also in 6 colorways. The texture patterns include Zuri, Clara Silk and Milinet and are designed to give a visual illusion of textile-like textures. Inspired by wood grain, Zuri offers a biophilic visual across the Pindrop solutions. Clara Silk is a design taken from the ethereal nature of watercolor paintings applied to textiles, offering a soothing yet intriguing statement across the rigid acoustic collection. Milinet is a true textile-inspired design, offering specifiers the opportunity to play with rigid acoustic installations that look like textiles. Within the etched and printed statement patterns, the collection includes three companion designs: Crosscut and Cross the Line in etched and printed form respectively are large scale geometric designs that can work in harmony with each other. Zag and Zig Ombre in etched and printed form respectively give an undulating pattern that can be artfully combined or installed separately. Circ and Circlet in etched and printed form respectively feature different scale cut circles that are different yet harmoniously interesting together.

Pindrop is now available for specification and order placement.