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Mohawk Group Signs Climate Pledge, Pursues Net Zero Carbon by 2040


CALHOUN, GA.—Mohawk Group announced signing The Climate Pledge, a sustainability-driven effort originally cofounded by Amazon and Global Optimism in 2019. Mohawk Group joins over 200 signatories that are also committed to accelerated climate action.

By signing the pledge, Mohawk Group agrees to incorporate several climate-sensitive strategies, including a commitment to measure and report greenhouse gas emissions regularly, neutralize remaining emissions with permanent and socially beneficial offsets to achieve net-zero annual carbon emissions by 2040, and implement decarbonization strategies in line with the Paris Agreement.

“We are thrilled to join over 200 companies that have a similar vision and commitment to become net zero carbon by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris agreement,” said Jackie Dettmar, Mohawk Group’s Vice President of Marketing, Design and Product Development. “We can’t turn a blind eye to climate change. There’s a clear need to decarbonize the economy.”

Mohawk Group has already begun implementing major manufacturing changes to eliminate its carbon footprint, striving toward a holistic improvement of its flooring’s lifecycle to reduce the amounts of water, energy, carbon and waste involved in the process. As of 2022, all Mohawk Group flooring products will be carbon neutral plus an additional 5 percent carbon offset; the group’s carpet tile already meets this goal. With this new initiative, all Mohawk Group hard surface and soft surface floors will have a net positive impact on climate.

A ‘Landmark Effort’

“The Climate Pledge is a landmark effort toward climate action,” said Malisa Maynard, Vice President of Sustainability. “Collective corporate initiatives like this can help create a low carbon economy, making a positive impact on all people, wildlife and resources while demonstrating a powerful shift in the industry.”

The Climate Pledge aligns with Mohawk Group’s Waterways Project, its landmark effort to protect and preserve rivers and their ecosystems. Since 2015, the World Economic Forum has declared water crises to be a top five global threat to society over the next decade. The Waterways Project addresses this vital issue, touring across the nation to explore the connection between river health and human health. Each leg of the tour invites attendees to journey through new products, technologies and initiatives that help improve understanding of rivers.

To learn more about the Waterways Project and Mohawk Group’s other sustainability initiatives, visit mohawkgroup.com. For more information on The Climate Pledge, visit www.theclimatepledge.com.