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Mohawk Group Rolls Out Encycle Modular Carpet Backing System


KENNESAW, GA.—In a significant step to reduce the carpet industry’s environmental footprint, The Mohawk Group introduces Encycle, a patent-pending, PVC-free (polyvinyl chloride) modular carpet backing system.

A model of sustainable design, Encycle is the only carpet tile designed with three thermoplastic layers and zero water-based components, enabling complete recyclability back into itself without separation. The innovative new backing system also incorporates 35 percent pre-consumer recycled content by total product weight and utilizes 28 percent less virgin raw materials.

“The Mohawk Group’s investment in the development of revolutionary products like Encycle underscores our commitment to sustaining a healthy future not only for our company, but for the entire industry,” says Jim McCallum, president of The Mohawk Group. “As the burden on the environment intensifies, the need for processes and technologies that ‘do more with less’ will become increasingly vital.”

To reduce the output of chlorine into the environment and decrease dependency on nonrenewable petrochemicals, Encycle products are made with 100 percent non-PVC thermoplastic. Utilizing advanced extrusion technology, which melts the plastic into liquid sheets, Encycle products can be “thermally re-activated” or melted into new Encycle backing without ever separating the face fibers from the backing layers. Encycle products incorporate 35 percent pre-consumer recycled content by total product weight, and are completely impervious to moisture—before and after installation.

New Tiles Weigh Less

Incorporating 28 percent less virgin raw materials than its previous generation PVC modular carpet, Encycle products are a model for dematerialization—the ability to produce an equally or higher performing product using fewer raw materials. The benefit of reduced tile weight also accrues to the installer and the bank. A standard shipment of one box of 24-inch Encycle carpet tiles weighs approximately 42 pounds versus a box of traditional PVC carpet tile that weighs approximately 58 pounds. The 16-pound difference in weight not only reduces shipping and fuel costs, but Encycle increases the ergonomic benefits of installation—saving energy, time and money.

“The Encycle backing system is yet another example of The Mohawk Group’s state-of-the-art engineering, and showcases our continued commitment to the innovation of greener chemistries, processes and technologies,” says Diann Barbacci, vice president of sustainable design for The Mohawk Group. “From maximizing energy and natural resource efficiencies, to reducing greenhouse gases and other waste streams, Encycle will help the contract carpeting industry redefine what it means to be ‘green.’”

Encycle products combine The Mohawk Group’s advanced technologies with the company’s reputation for high performance flooring solutions, backed by a comprehensive, non-prorated lifetime warranty against all forms of backing failure. With superior strength against delamination and edge ravel, the durability of Encycle products ensures that the carpet stays in use and out of the recycling stream longer. Yet, when Encycle products reach the end of their useful life, The Mohawk Group will reclaim and recycle the carpet back into Encycle products through its ReCover program.

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