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Moen Inc. Releases New 2008 Commercial Products Catalog


NORTH OLMSTED, OHIO—Moen’s Commercial Division announces the availability of its new 2008 Commercial Products Catalog, as the Division expands its presence in the commercial marketplace. The easy-to-use catalog gives builders, architects and engineers a high-level review of the Moen Commercial kitchen and bath products available to meet their standards for durability, accessibility, safety and conservation.

“The new Commercial Products Catalog enhances our commitment to ‘needs-focused’ design——from reliability to conservation,” said Allen Talley, Moen’s director of commercial marketing and product development. “It is a user-friendly guide to the best products available for commercial and institutional applications.”

Moen has made great strides in its commitment to sustainability, and for environmentally conscious customers, it’s easier than ever before to locate “green” products in the new catalog. A water-saving logo denotes product selections that contribute to water conservation and energy efficiency.

Product categories featured in the new Moen Commercial Products Catalog include:

Water-Conserving Products

• Heavy-duty—faucets and accessories that stand up to the rigors of commercial environments with designs that prevent theft and vandalism for lower lifetime product costs;

• Electronic faucets—sensor-operated faucets that sense the user and deliver water only when needed, conserving resources and reducing costs;
• Electronic flush valves—sensor-operated flush valves that offer water conservation and sanitary protection, as well as long-term durability; and

• Metering—energy-saving faucets, designed to be maintenance-free and built to withstand heavy use in nearly any environment.

Other product categories include: Lavatory, Bar/Pantry, Tub/Shower, Kitchen, and Sinks. The catalog also features information on the quality, vandal resistance and service standards associated with all Moen Commercial products.

Go to www.moen.com/commercial.